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The New Era Arc is the fourth and final half of the original timeline in the Gall Force anime metaseries. New Era concludes the story from Earth Chapter, but takes place about 200 years later.

New Era Arc Episodes

After centuries of war between the Solenoid humans and the Paranoid machines, the humans have won the battle. However, many lives were lost and the Earth was rendered terribly damaged and unstable to live on. Shortly afterwards, mankind began to restore Earth, and a new race of cyborgs called "Yumans" had begun to live with the humans. In desire for a better future, humanity is now linked in one large computer network. However, a conflict between the Humans and Yumans shortly began. Considering themselves far better than the human, the Yumans began to plot a takeover. Now humanity lives separated into tightly packed arcologies built around the world, each keeping minimal contact with the other and dealing with internal problems like overpopulation.

A young scientist named Nova, influenced by revolutionary leader of the Yumans, Genova, develops his own plans to bring humanity down. Using the tools he's acquired over the years, he awakens artificial intelligence to destroy all human life, by reprograming every computer on Earth with the GORN virus. The virus is actually a bit more than Nova predicted, due to its intent on wiping out both humans and Yumans from the solar system. With the entire system now connected once more after all the wars, GORN is able to bring his presence everywhere in his attempt to achieve his long-term goals.

GORN's plans aren't a surprise to Catty, for she has foreseen the disaster and sets her own plan into motion just before the virus strikes. Being a Yuman with heart, she leads a force of seven women into the final battle between man and machine![1]


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