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The Earth Chapter Arc is one-fourth of the original timeline of the Gall Force anime metaseries. The Earth Chapter Arc continues the story from Rhea Arc, but takes place thousands of years later, with reincarnations of the Star Leaf crew. After the completion of Operation Exodus, crew must survive long enough for the Mars re-inforcements from General McKenzie.

Earth Chapter Arc Episodes

The Earth Chapter consist of three episodes.

Earth Chapter 1

In the year 2085, the Earth is now a wasteland ruled by war machines that won an apocalyptic war. Shortly after that battle, mankind left and began new life on the Mars. However, Sandy Newman and her comrades are left on Earth. While struggling to survive, the group stumbles onto an abandoned nuclear missile launch site. To defend against the war machines and an enemy known as "GORN", the galls must use the nuclear missiles.

Earth Chapter 2

In the 21st century the Earthen discovery of derelict alien technology on the Moon — which are in fact the remnants of the events in Eternal Story — ignited an arms race as the "Western" and "Eastern" blocs rushed to deploy the technology as weapons, including a form of artificial life based on the Paranoids which both sides use BioTech to grow and implant weapons and control systems in. Now, after the resulting nuclear holocaust, what little of humanity left on Earth fights for survival against the resurrected Paranoids, now known as the NME, the pseudonym for "The Enemy". The female characters in this series are all apparent Earthen reincarnations of the Star Leaf Crew from the First Story Arc except for one character who is actually a Solnoid survivor from that war millions of years in the past.

Earth Chapter 3

In the continuing war between man and computer, the beautiful Sandy Newman and the group are now preparing to save the Earth by preventing the detonation of a leftover nuclear missile. The girls continue to fight the MME Cyberoid machines, and contend with a quasi-religious group called Geo Chris which plans to make the Earth green once more. Over on Mars, General McKenzie is planning to return to Earth and destroy the MME. The war will soon come to an end as Sandy comes face-to-face with GORN.

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