G-Spot Express (悪戯~いたずら Itazura The Animation?) is the title of a H anime, produced by MUSE and animated by ARMS. The series consist of two OVA episodes, and has been licensed by Kitty Media in the North America and dubbed into English. The 1st episode was released on the 8th of April 2005 and the 2nd episode on the 8th of July 2005.

G-Spot Express exploits female masturbation throughout the story, commonly done by the male characters. The main story however, revolves around a jobless young man known as Katsuhiko, often referred to in the show as a "groper". When not in his gloomy apartment, he travels from one subway station to the next on a regular basis at his leisure, scouting for women and fondling their body parts to a certain extent. One of the days, his "skills" were noticed by an old man, who partakes on this sexual harassment himself, together with a group of men that provide assistance and coverage for one another. Together with the old man, Katsuhiko continues to hunt down frail, innocent yet horny women on the express train.

G-Spot Express shares a little similarity to other hentai anime such as Midnight Sleazy Train or Xpress Train but has no connection or relationship in any way with them.

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