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Fuku (?) is a fictional character in the anime series Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter.


Fuku first appeared in the episode "Neju Who?". She is a cabbit, a small, rabbit-like creature that hatched from an egg in the Kamidake II, Seina Yamada's ship and was given her name by Seina himself. She is the younger sister of Ryo-Ohki, the daughter of Washu. Like Ryo-Ohki she is the biological computer-unit and, at first, the principle power source of the Kamidake II, which can fluctuate depending upon the mood of Fuku. Her appearance is identical to her sister's when she first hatched in the 3rd episode of the OVA. One characteristic that distinguishes her from Ryo-Ohki is the small bell on her neck which she received from Seina. She later shared this responsibility when Kiriko Masaki Jurai was bonded to the second-generation tree Miyuki, which gave Fuku help in powering the Kamidake II to battle against the Unko of the Good Luck Fleet.

Fuku is deeply devoted to Seina, and that devotion is clearly demonstrated by her willingness to help him, despite the fact that sometimes she can be easily frightened. Seina was also the first one to truly care for her when Seina demonstrated his faith in her, and Fuku also has a good relationship with Neju Na Melmas and hangs around with her when she is not with Seina. She also shares her big sister's love of carrots. Washu also explained to Seina, that although Fuku is incapable of transforming into a human-like form like Ryo-Ohki could, with the proper raising then Fuku would be able to gain this ability as well.

Fuku, as well as the Kamidake II, were also briefly taken away by a corrupt faction of the Galaxy Army that were aiding Tarant Shank in order to analyze her for their own personal desires and placed Fuku into a stasis field. The G.A. scientists attempted to clone Fuku, but could only produce imperfect clones. Eventually Seina was able to rescue Fuku, as well as the clones.

Fuku also made a brief appearance in Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, when at the end of the nineteenth episode, she alters the message to Mihoshi's family (that Z had originally altered) in order to keep the timeline in correct order, so Fuku would eventually meet Seina. Fuku was also accompanied by Noike Jurai, who also didn't want the timeline adversely affected.

One thing to note, is that the cabbit appearance Ryo-Ohki adopted resulted from Ryoko integrating the remains of Neko-chan, a little cat she had been keeping alive after it had died before Tenchi released her. So while Ryo-Ohki's appearance is a side-effect of the integration, Fuku's own was a modeled after the integrated Ryo-Ohki.