For the scientific term, see Flower of Life. For the anime term, see Flower of Life (manga).

Flower of Life is a term used in several animanga series.

Southern Cross and Robotech

Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross

The Flower of Life (生命の花 Inochi no Hana) or Protozor is an indigenous flower to the planet Glorie in The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross Japanese animated series. A race known as the Zor developed a symbiotic relationship with the flower before abandoning the planet due to a war's ecological devastation. Their biological dependency on dwindling Flower of Life stores forces the Zor to return to Glorie after many generations and attack the Humans who have since colonized the planet. The Flower of Life also inspired a traditional Zor song of the same name.


The Flower of Life in Southern Cross was rewritten as a plant species originating from the planet Optera in the adaptation Robotech. It was primarily used as a food staple for the native Invid species (a race adapted from Genesis Climber Mospeada). It was later stolen by the Robotech Masters due to its being the sole source for the energy source known as protoculture (a term inspired by an unrelated concept in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross). Originally thought to be able to grow only on Optera, it was later found to be able to grow on Earth. The Invid invasion of Earth triggered the Third Robotech War.[1]

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS

Another Flower of Life (命の花 Inochi no Hana) comes from the anime Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. It is a magical flower of myth from the planet Queen Earth. It was lost long ago, but its healing powers are the only thing that can save Earth from the evil Dark Joker's poison.

Flower of Life animanga

Flower of Life (フラワー・オブ・ライフ Furawa obu Raifu?) is a manga by Fumi Yoshinaga revolving around a group of friends in a high school.


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