Finalist (ふぁいなりすと Fainarisuto?) is a Japanese visual novel developed by PrincessSoft which was released on January 26, 2006 in limited and regular editions playable on the PlayStation 2. A short manga, four chapters long, was serialized in the bishōjo magazine Dengeki G's Magazine between September 30, 2005 and December 30, 2005, published by MediaWorks; the manga was illustrated by Shirō Nishiki.



Finalist's story takes place in a college town somewhere in Japan. The protagonist of the story, Yoshiki Shirasagi, is a male high school student. When he entered high school, he was mistakenly given a room in the girl's dormitory due to his feminine name. This did not bode well with Yoshiki, but he eventually ended up taking the room in the end since there was no more room left in the boy's dormitory. Yoshiki meets many of the girls who live in the same dormitory.


Yoshiki Shirasagi (白鷺 美樹 Shirasagi Yoshiki?)
Yoshiki is the protagonist of the story. Both of his parents are overseas, and he is preparing to enter college soon. He lives in a girl's dormitory due to a mixup.
Tamamo Sawaragi (沢良木 珠萌 Sawaragi Tamamo?)
Voiced by: Ui Miyazaki
Tamako is a strong girl who is often sarcastic, and is not afraid of anything; she has a strong sense of justice. She loves to read manga and wants to become a professional manga author one day. She lives in the room next to Yoshiki.
Honoka Serizawa (芹沢 炎夏 Serizawa Honoka?)
Voiced by: Aya Hirano
Honoka is a girl who is always smiling and is generally quiet; she is Tamamo's roommate. Just like Yoshiki, her name also does not suit her, so she and Yoshiki can understand this aspect of each other.
Masaho Susukino (薄野 真沙穂 Susukino Masaho?)
Voiced by: Saki Nakajima
Masaho is a sociable senior that Yoshiki knows. She is generally bright and cheerful.
Wakana Sakoi (迫井 和奏 Sakoi Wakana?)
Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu
Wakana is a prodigy who skipped some grades to make it into high school early; she plays the violin. After her father died, she closed herself off from others.
Ruka Sonobe (園部 瑠花 Sonobe Ruka?)
Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi
Ruka is the head of the girl's dormitory and is a third-year high school student. She gives Yoshiki a lot of attention since he is the only boy living in the dormitory.
Chisa Shindō (進藤千紗 Shindō Chisa?)
Voiced by: Haruhi Terada
Chisa is Yoshiki's female homeroom teacher.

Theme songs

Opening theme
"Breakthrough" by Aya Hirano
Ending theme
"Ichiban Hoshi (一番星?, lit. "First Star") by Aya Hirano

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