A film comic (フィルムコミック firumu komikku?), or anime comics (アニメコミックス anime komikkusu?), also referred to as ani-manga, are Japanese manga volumes which use images from an anime series, film, or video release instead of the standard drawn panels. They generally contain the full dialog from the anime from which they are adapted. While generally published in book form, they are also sometimes released electronically as e-books, occasionally called e-manga.

This format has been adopted by companies such as Disney and companies from other countries' television and film, and may even be based on live-action productions.[1]

Companies such as Tokyopop and Viz release films comics but refer to them as Cine-manga and Ani-manga, respectively. These western companies also release films comics for young readers. Films comics have been well received in English speaking countries, with some titles selling more than 500,000 copies.[2]


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