Fell is a novel, written by David Clement-Davies as a follow-up to The Sight. The book was published in 2007 by Amulet Books.[1] It follows the story of Fell, a wolf who left his pack after the events of The Sight.

Plot summary

The book starts with a pack of grey wolves walking through the snowy regions of Translyvania. One of the pups looks up at a hill and can see an outline of a black wolf. She tells her father, the Dragga, and tells him it might be Fell, the ghost wolf that humans and Varg fear. Because, while Larka has become respected and loved among the Varg, for the part she played in the death of Morgra. Fell becomes feared among them, and that he is a loner, which is unnatural to other Varg.

Lost in his grief and guilt over the death of his sister, Larka, Fell rejects the gift of the Sight, and becomes a Kerl, which is the wolf name for a loner. The pack keeps the thoughts of curses out of their heads, and Fell watches them leave. He then goes to a pool and looks in. He sees Larka, and she shows him a picture of a girl with a tattoo in the shape of an eagle on her arm. Larka then tells Fell to find and protect the girl.

The girl who Fell saw is Alina Sculcavant, who is growing up in the care of Malduk, a shepard whom rescued her from the snows. He forces her to dress as a boy and work hard on for him. The other villagers believe Alina to be a changeling, and fear her for it. Once Fell meets Alina, Fell and Alina go off on their journey to discover who Alina truly is. On their journey, Alina serches out a blacksmith named Lescu and his son Catalin. After the death of Lescu, Catalin is forced to travel with Alina and Fell. Alina finds out that she has a real family and that the Queen Romana is her real mother and the supposedly dead King Dragomir is her real father.

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