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Emyln Elisabeth Morinelli is a voice and stage actress that works in the New York area . She is best known for voicing Zoey in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. She also voiced Pike Queen Lucy in an episode of Pokémon: Battle Frontier and also started voicing Officer Jenny after Season 9. Morinelli has also voiced roles in a few English dubs of anime for Singapore, including their dub of One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

She is most often credited as Elisabeth Williams, although she is occasionally credited as Emily Williams; her alias is not to be confused with the Australian Idol singer of the same name.

She is a comedian, and is known for her quirky "doughnut lady" routine, first seen at UCB and repeated at various venues, and has been a Cooking Show Host (




  • Chaotic (2008) - Krystella (2nd voice)

Live Action

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  • Voiceovers for Hanes Commercials for women.
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