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Eiki Eiki
Occupation mangaka
Nationality Japanese
Genres Fiction
Subjects Yaoi manga
Relative(s) Noboru Takeshita (grandfather)
Daigo (younger brother)

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Eiki Eiki (影木栄貴?, born December 6) is a mangaka from Japan who has been creating manga since 1998. Most of her manga are written under the yaoi genre. One of her good friends, also a fellow manga artist, is Mikiyo Tsuda, otherwise known as Taishi Zaō. They often co-author manga together, display their art together, and have autograph sessions together, among other things. Eiki Eiki has even been known to sometimes act as Taishi Zaō's manager.[1]

Many manga artists often adopt artistic personas for themselves in order to represent themselves in sections of their manga not attributed to the story, as in an author's note section. Eiki Eiki's persona is that of a rabbit wearing a red bow tie.

She is the grandchild of former Prime minister of Japan Noboru Takeshita [2] and the older sister of Japanese Visual Kei musician Daigo.


  • The Art of Loving
  • Dear Myself
    • Unmei ni Kiss - sequel
    • World's End - sequel
  • Prime Minister
  • Train-Train
  • Yuigon

Co-authored with Taishi Zaō

  • Color (1999)
  • Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu (2007) - a collection of yuri stories that were serialized in Yuri Hime, such as She-Wolf and First Kiss.
  • Love DNA Double X


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