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100th edition of the magazine Made in Japan in January 2006.

Editora JBC (also known as "JBC") is a company that publishes books (including manga) and magazines related to Japan in Brazil. It has its headquarters in Sao Paulo.

This company was established in Tokyo, Japan, in 1992 to publish Portuguese newspapers for Brazilians who live in Japan. And it came to publish books and magazines related to Japan also in Brazil. Now this publisher is also known as a manga publisher in Brazil. Since 2006, the company supports the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), an annual international cosplay event, and hosts the preliminary rounds in Brazil.[citation needed]

JBC is more well-known in Brazil than in Japan, although it is a Japanese company.[citation needed]


The meaning of the name JBC of the company is Japan Brazil Communication.

The formal name of the company is JB Communication ("JBC出版社" in Japan), the name of the branch office in Brazil is JB Communication do Brasil Ltda. In the publication, being described only as JBC is usual.


In Japan

  • Tudo Bem - The newspaper written in Portuguese for the Brazilians in Japan. Started in 1993.
  • Gambare! - The gratis-magazine written in Portuguese for the Brazilians in Japan. Started in September 2005.

In Brazil

  • Made in Japan - The monthly magazine that introduces various things of Japan. Started in September 1997.

And JBC publishes manga and books related to Japan only in Brazil.


This company entered the publication of manga in 2001 with Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin). JBC is generally known as a publisher of manga and the biggest-manga-publisher in Brazil now. The manga of these Portuguese editions is sold only in Brazil.

The catchphrase is "Mangá é a nossa língua!"(Manga is our language!).

Manga published by JBC in Portuguese in Brazil


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