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ELF Corporation (エルフ or élf) is an eroge studio. One of its most popular games is Dōkyūsei, a pioneering dating sim, which has had a sequel, and been turned into video and TV series. The character design of the main villains from the -saku series is the company mascot.

élf was founded on April 27, 1989 in Tokyo. As of 2004, the CEO is Atsushi Shimoda (下田篤?).

efc, the ELF Fan Club (エルフFC), has an active membership.

There is a project that aims at recreating the game engine for other platforms.

List of ELF games

(√ produced or × distributed)
  • Dragon Knight series ドラゴンナイト
  • Nanpa series
  • -saku series
    • Isaku 遺作
    • Shusaku 臭作 (also romanized as Syuusaku, and called Stinko)
    • Kisaku 鬼作
  • Strip Mahjong Series 脱衣雀
    • Elf All-Stars ELF ALL STARS Datsui Jan エルフオールスターズ 脱衣雀
    • Elf All-Stars 2 ELF ALL STARS Datsui Jan 2 エルフオールスターズ 脱衣雀2
    • Elf All-Stars 3 ELF ALL STARS Datsui Jan 3 エルフオールスターズ 脱衣雀3

Some other releases

  • élf classics エルフclassics

Silky's distributed by ÉLF

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Silky's is a game studio whose games are mostly distributed by elf, and several of which have been made into OAV.

Silky's website
  • Ai Shimai 愛姉妹~二人の果実~ (also called Immoral Sisters : Two Immature Fruits, and 'aishim')
    • Ai Shimai 2 愛姉妹・蕾 …汚してください (also called Immoral Sisters - Bloom ...Please Deflower, and 'aishimai tsubomi')
  • BE-YOND BE-YONDビ・ヨンド 黒大将に見られてる
  • Dorei Kaigo 奴隷介護
  • Flutter of Birds flutter of birds ~鳥達の羽ばたき~
    • Flutter of Birds 2 flutter of birdsⅡ 天使たちの翼 (also called Flutter of Birds 2: Wings of an Angel)
  • Jokei 女系家族
  • Kotodama 愛しの言霊
  • Mobius Roid Möbius Roid メビウスロイド (also called Moebius Roid)
  • Nikutai teni 肉体転移 (also called Teni)
  • Shitai 肢体を洗う (also called Slave Nurse)
  • Sweet sweet~半熟な天使たち~ (also called Sweet: Semi-Matured Angel)
  • Valentine Kiss Birthdays 2 : Valentine Kiss バレンタインキッス (365DAYS of SUPER NANPA SIMULATION)

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