Dororon Enma-kun (ドロロンえん魔くん Dororon Enma-kun?), also known as Satanikus!, is a Japanese horror-comedy anime and manga series created by Go Nagai. It's one of Nagai's most famous works in Japan, although not very well known in the rest of the world. In 2006, it would get a sequel/remake in Demon Prince Enma, which drops the comedy and becomes a full-fledged suspense-horror series. After the OVA was released, another manga version was released called Satanikus ENMA Kerberos by Eiji Toriyama.


Enma, Yukiko-Hime and Kapaeru are part of the Yokai-Patrol. They go after ghosts that have escaped from Hell into the human world.[1]



  • Enma-kun: Hot-headed, vicious, and perverted. Enma-kun is always one to "act first and think later" - never listening to the wise words of Chapeauji or Yuki-chan. He has a fire-wielding staff, and his cloak can turn into various weapons. Despite the fights he gets into with Yuki-chan, he really loves her. And at the end of the series, he will risk it all for her.
  • Yukiko-Hime: A stuck up, and bossy Ice Princess. She is always fighting and yelling at Enma-kun. Throughout the series, Enma-kun calls her "Yuki-Chan". This annoys her to no end.
  • Kapperu: Half kappa, Half water sprite. He is the third member of the Youkai Patrol. He doesn't have a lot of attacks, but still provides some help in battle. He's often confused for a kappa, which makes him very angry.
  • Chapeauji: An "old man" yokai who looks like a hat. He guides Enma-kun.
  • Tsutomu: A human boy that befriends the Youkai Patrol. He attends the local elementary school, and always gets attacked by demons. In the last episode, he was turned to gold. It's unknown if he ever changed back.
  • Tobatiri-sensei: Tsutomu's teacher. He's merely a comic relief, and always yelling at Tsutomu-kun. At the end of the series he is turned to gold. It is unknown if he was ever changed back.
  • Daracura: A homeless, deadbeat. Daracura was originally an officer for Enma-Daiou. After losing his position of officer, Daracura tried throughout the series to kill Enma-kun. However, as the series progressed Daracura became less important.
  • Harumi: Tsutomu's girlfriend. Her mother has passed on, and lives with her father in an apartment complex.
  • Enma-Daiou: The Judge of Hell. He sends his nephew Enma-kun, and his friends to arrest demons on Earth.

Episode list

Episode Title
1 The Fellows from Hell
2 Fearful Demons of the Apartments
3 The Rotten Lake's Great Demon
4 Demon Tatamimaiishi
5 Thorns of a Beautiful Rose
6 The Demon's Hell Funeral
7 Demon Asunaro-Kozou
8 Demon Mimizuki
9 Day of Japan's Great Explosion
10 The Demon's Tears
11 Demon Amejorou
12 Demon Hijii
13 The Demon Triplets
14 Eruption! Tsunami! Tokyo in a Pinch
15 Challenge! Enma-Daiou
16 The Great Beast Zuwashii
17 God Mountain's Great Demon
18 Demon Iyomanto's Revenge
19 The Sleeping Demon
20 Demon Kogarashi-Kozou
21 The Dororon Demon Ship
22 The Ghostly Hell Holiday-House
23 Daddy, the demon
24 Demon Fish Kichigairyuu
25 Decisive Demon Battle


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