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Donald "Donnie" Roan Dunagan (born August 16, 1934) is American former child actor and retired United States Marine Corps drill instructor. He was a voice actor in the Bambi film, providing the voice of Young Bambi. A 28-page Dunagan interview, his first after decades as a "lost Hollywood player," can be found in the book "Earth vs. the Sci-Fi Filmmakers" (Jefferson NC: McFarland & Co., 2006) by Tom Weaver. He was born in San Antonio, Texas, United States.


  • Bambi (1942) - as Bambi (young)
  • Meet the Chump (1941) - as Little Boy
  • Vigil in the Night (1940) - as Tommy
  • Tower of London (1939) - as Baby Prince Richard
  • The Forgotten Woman (1939) - as Terry Kennedy Jr.
  • Son of Frankenstein (1939) - as Peter von Frankenstein
  • Mother Carey's Chickens (1938) - as Peter Carey

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