Digimortal is a one-shot postcyberpunk manga written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei. Digimortal, a mysterious armored mercenary on salary to a secret organization, contracts to kill one of the leaders of a new technocratic Inquisition that is terrorizing the masses.


A megaconglomerate called "The church of transfiguration" monopolized the excavation of the ancient crafts and set up a virtual world government. Religiously devoted to technology, they promoted extreme cybernetic modification of the human body.

Prior to the great ruin, civilization had created wonders such as immortality through genetic engineering. The church formed an inquisition system to track down and punish those who possessed traces of this manipulation.

An unnamed assassin is sent to kill the inquisitor Halogen Übler and to destroy his base of operation.


The Assassin: A darkhaired young man with possibly some supernatural powers, such as strength and speed. He wears a black body armor and wields a scythe.

Halogen Übler: The rarely seen antagonist of the story. No-one has seen his face after he became an inquisitor. It has also been over 50 years since the picture of his face was taken.

Tolaris and Lataris: Twin sisters who had been branded as freaks and imprisoned, however Übler had them released and put in to his service, possibly becoming his second in command. They wear high tech armour and may also have lesser supernatural abilities on top of those given by their cybernetic enhancements.

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