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David Rees Snell (born August 20, 1966) is a television actor cast as Detective Ronnie Gardocki, on the FX Networks' crime drama The Shield.

When the show was picked up by the FX Network, Snell was hired as a supporting cast member on the show, but was told upfront that the writers had no real plans for developing the character for the time being, due to him being a last minute addition to an already large cast of actors. However, after just a few episodes, he was made a permanent member of the Strike Team and has appeared in almost every episode since, with his character garnering a large following amongst fans of the show.

In the show, Ronnie was responsible for developing the team's plan to take down the Armenian Money Train in season 2. He was the team's resident communications and surveillance expert, and was completely loyal to Vic and the team. When his screen time expanded in the fifth season, he was a full-time cast member.

Snell is also a voice actor who has appeared in such short films as P1 and Draw the Pirate. He also co-starred in a 2006 Hallmark TV movie "Desolation Canyon" with fellow 'Shield' & Strike Team member Kenneth Johnson (Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky). He also stars in the video game in the Need for Speed franchise Need for Speed: Undercover as a former cop turned crew leader named Gregory "Gmac" MacDonald.

Most recently, he appeared in The Unit as terrorist, Leon Drake.


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