Dave Wasson

David "Dave" Wasson is an American television producer, director, screenwriter, and art director. He is best known for creating Time Squad and directing The Buzz on Maggie and Making Fiends.


Wasson was born in Arkansas. He was the executive producer and director of The Buzz on Maggie at Disney and created Time Squad at Cartoon Network. Dave also created a series of shorts for Oh Yeah! Cartoons which won him an Emmy Award. Dave is also a director of many animated commercials for ACME Filmworks in Hollywood.

Wasson is the supervising director, supervising producer and a voice talent on Making Fiends.


  • Buy One, Get One Free - Background Designer
  • Time Squad - Creator, Director, Writer
  • The Buzz on Maggie - Director, Executive Producer
  • Making Fiends - Supervising Director, Supervising Producer, Art Director

Voice acting

  • Making Fiends - Viktor, Mr. Gumpit, Mr. Bank Manager and additional
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