Dave Mallow (born October 19, 1948) is an American voice actor. One of his known aliases is Colin Phillips.

Life and career

Mallow was born at a very early age in Park Ridge, Illinois. His father worked in radio and television and was a thirty year on-air veteran at Chicago's WGN.[1] He attained a BFA in Theater Arts from Drake University in 1970. After a successful career as a radio personality in the Midwest and New York City, Dave moved to Los Angeles in 1984 to pursue a career in voice acting that has included commercials, film dubbing, looping, narration, audio books, radio plays and voice characterization in numerous video games, toys and cartoons. He provided the daily intros, voices of countless monsters and was the voice of the benevolent 'Baboo' in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Saban Productions, where he also gave voices to Angemon, Gekkomon and Uppamon in Digimon: Digital Monsters. In January 2007 Dave was nominated for both Best Actor and Best Actor in a Comedy for the 1st Annual American Anime Awards held in New York City.


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Audio Book Narration

  • Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ
  • The Commission
  • Rich Dad's Advanced guide To Real Estate Investing
  • Rich Dad's Guide To The ABC's Of Property Management
  • Rich Dad's Conspiracy Of The Rich
  • The Political Fix

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