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Daisuke Higuchi (樋口 大輔 Higuchi Daisuke?) (born May 10, 1966) is a manga artist best known for her work on Whistle!. Often she is mistaken for a man, namely because Daisuke is a name usually attributed to men.

Her self portrait in Whistle! took the form of a crow[1].


Born in Gunma prefecture, she was recognized in the world of manga by being honored at the 43rd Osamu Tezuka awards in 1992 with third prize[2]. In the same year, she became the author of a romance/action story called Itaru[2]. In 1998, she became known in Japan for her soccer manga Whistle! and was said to be influenced after she went to France to attend the 1998 World Cup tournament[3].

With the success of Whistle!, she went to personally direct the creation of the animated series[4]. As of 2006, it is believed that she is working on a new series.

She currently lives in Tokyo.



  • 1992 - Itaru - short story
  • 1992 - Singing Flame - short story
  • 1994 - X-Connection - short story
  • 1997 - Break Free! - short story
  • 1998~2002 - Whistle! - series of 24 books
  • 2001 - X-Connection 2001 - short story
  • 2005~2006 - Go Ahead - series of 4 books
  • ???? - NOIZ


  • The short stories collection Break Free! includes a story starring characters from Whistle! Two of the other stories are alternate versions of the one plot with the same characters.


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