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d/visual incorporated (株式会社ディー・ビジュアル) is a Japanese publisher of manga books and anime home video.

It was established in October 2002 by Federico Colpi and Kazuhiko Murata.

In 1994 Go Nagai's Dynamic Planning established an international division, and Federico Colpi was the first director of the division. In this role, he established a network of companies in Europe and Asia, called the Dynamic Group of Companies, specializing in manga and anime.

In 2001 Dynamic Planning and Marubeni, through its subsidiary Omega Project, established in Tokyo a joint-venture called d/world. Federico Colpi was nominated CEO together with Omega Project's Toyoyuki Yokohama, and Kazuhiko Murata, former Chief Accountant at Dynamic Planning's International Division, became Director of the Board.

In 2002, following Marubeni's temporary exit from the anime business, d/world was liquidated, and former Directors Colpi and Murata established d/visual. Neither Marubeni nor Dynamic Planning hold shares of d/visual.

While being a Japanese company, d/visual publishes only material in foreign languages, mainly Italian and Chinese through sister company d/visual taipei inc.

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