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Cutie Honey a Go Go! (キューティーハニー a Go Go!! Kyūtī Hanī a Go Go?) is a Japanese manga created by Go Nagai, Hideaki Anno and Shimpei Itoh. It is loosely based in the original Cutie Honey manga series and, alongside the Cutie Honey film and the OVA Re: Cutie Honey, is part of the project of the Cutie Honey Production Committee to re-launch Cutie Honey.


In this version of the tale Aki Natsuko, more commonly known as Na-chan, is a squad leader for the public safety bureau and her subordinates live in fear of her. Her suit-wearing, chain smoking, gun wielding, impatient personality keeps her workers in their place.

The story begins, as it does in so many of the other Cutie Honey adaptations, as evil Sister Jill and her Panther Claw gang have invaded the city. It is only the timely appearance of Cutie Honey that saves the city from total destruction. Aki Natsuko throws herself into the mêlée, machine gun in hand.

When Butterfly Claw has been defeated, Na-chan takes it upon herself to arrest Honey for disturbing the peace.

The second time the Panther Claw attacks, Na-chan is all over it. She's also right there with the handcuffs for Honey, who cheerfully goes along with her.

After she's released for the second time, Honey (in disguise) brings Na-chan back to her father's lab, and all the typical Honey elements are explained. Prof. Kisaragi asks Na-chan to befriend Honey and help her become more human. When Na-chan arrives home that night, she finds that Honey has come to live with her.

In Volume 2, Honey and Na-chan learn that bizarre things are occurring at St. Chapel Jogakuen. So Na-chan signs up as a teacher and Honey as a student and they head off to this mysterious and strict private girl's school. They are met by Miharu, a sadistic teacher who takes an instant dislike to Honey.

Honey's roommate, Ayumu, is a good student and very nice person. But when Miharu can't catch Honey during her nightly transgressions or punish Na-chan, she targets Ayumu. Honey appears to be stalked by a dark, large and very gloomy upperclassman, who ultimately turns out to be in love with Ayumu. She blames Honey for Ayumu's troubles, and attacks her, but when the Panther Claw attacks the school, she backs off and lets Honey stop Spider Claw.

At the end of the story, Sister Jill-sama names four new top Claws - Black, Gold, Cobalt, and Scarlet. Honey's father is killed, Na-chan vows to protect Honey, and Honey vows to fight to the bitter end to stop Sister Jill. The book ends, promising to continue the story in the next volume - which never happens.


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