Cutie Honey Seed (キューティーハニーSEED Kyūtī Hanī Shīdo?) is a Japanese manga created by Komugi Hoshino and Go Nagai based in the original Cutie Honey series by Nagai. As with Gomaden Shutendoji, Harenchi Gakuen ~The Company~, Kekko Kamen P, Mazinger Angels and Occult Dan D3, Cutie Honey Seed is a newer take on Nagai's classical series with different illustrators and settings.

In this series, Yuta, who is a fan of Cutie Honey, suddenly finds a beautiful alien girl. He names her Honey Kisaragi. Like the protagonist of the same name from previous Cutie Honey works, she has the ability to transform.


Yuuta is a big fan of Cutey Honey. He likes her so much, he is unable to tell his next door neighbour, Midori, he loves her. He is also unaware that she is in love with him.

One day, an alien crashes nearby and Yuuta is on the scene. Upon seeing the alien resembles a human female, he gives her the name Kisaragi Honey, just like his favorite heroine. Initially, he tries to hide Honey's existence, but when that fails, he lies about her, pretending she is his cousin.

Honey is a typical alien: naive, innocent and impressionable in every way. Like all members of her species, she develops any power necessary to protect herself and others. After she watches most of Yuuta's Cutey Honey collection, she develops "super powers" just like the "real" Cutey Honey's, in order to save herself, Yuuta and his loved ones - even going so far as to shout "Honey Flash!"

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