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Cross or Cross Oneself (十字 クロス Juuji Kurosu?) is a shōjo manga by Sumiko Amakawa.


Amakusa Takara is an exorcist. A woman called Shizuha is capable of producing the ancient writings of the "Scripture" on her body, therefore she is targeted by demons and cults alike. She asks Takara for assistance when her parents become part of a cult out to obtain her. Shizuha becomes attracted to the young priest and wishes to protect him in return.


Takara Amakusa
A junior at Holy Cross Academy High School. An enigmatic exorcist who produces the Holy Cross from his forehead. He is the Heir of the house of Amakusa. He is the Son of Gerardo Bernardo Serlio, an exorcist and a Roman Catholic Priest in Stella Cross Church. His mother is also an exorcist who died when he was very young. He is a quarter Italian. The hero of the story. Has strong feelings for Shizuha, but tends to surpress them as his priestly duties hardly allow for romance. He often is very rude and strict when it comes to shizuha for he knows that their love is impossible.
Matsuri Shizuha
English teacher at Holy Cross Academy High School. She is the one on whose body the Scriptura appears. The heroine of the story. Passionately in love with the younger Takara.

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