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Cowa! (こわ! Kowa!?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It began in late 1997 despite him fighting a hurting arm.[1] The manga was first serialized in Japan by Weekly Shōnen Jump and then made into a tankōbon by Jump Comics. This was Toriyama's first major project since the Dragon Ball manga.[1]

Storyline and plot

A troublesome young vampire-hybrid named Paifu and his many friends, including a ghost named José Rodriguez, are searching for a medicine to cure the monsters in their hometown of a rapid influenza.

Cowa! is a short manga (1 book, 14 chapters).

Other characters

  • Mako "Active Volcano" Maruyama (丸山真虎 Maruyama Mako) (often called "Marumaya" and "Makoleen" by Paifu)
  • Arpon
  • Natasha
  • Elizabeth
  • Yamada
  • Mr. Croake
  • Paco
  • Mumry
  • Doctor
  • Baroaba (the Forest Monster)
  • Reonald
  • Witch-sama
  • Cynthia Watson

Reception's Deb Aoki lists Cowa! as the best new "all ages" manga of 2008.[2]


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