Compiler is a two part anime original video animation.

Compiler (as in a computer compiler) is an anime based on the manga by Kia Asamiya which features two girls, Compiler and Assembler, who arrived on earth from 2-D cyberspace to play a "game" in which they will delete the real world and reform it. However, they move in with two young men called Toshi and Nachi and lose interest in the game. After Toshi is injured and the game is cancelled, two beings called Plasma and Compiler 2 are sent in to erase the girls.

The opening theme is called "I Was Born to fall in Love" and the end theme is called "Full Up Mind", both by Masami Okui. As well as the soundtrack, a single of the opening theme and three image albums - Compiler, Assembler and Interpreter - were released.

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