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Comic LO (成年コミックエルオー Seinen Komikku Eru Ō?) is a Japanese erotic manga magazine featuring Lolicon or prepubescent, early pubescent and highly juvenile-looking girls; published by Akane Shinsha since October 2002. It was published irregularly until May 2004, when it became a monthly magazine. The "LO" stands for "lolita only".[1]



The Comic LO(LO) was originally extra numbers of other erotic magazines, but it became independent on December 21, 2005.

Announcement about the illegal uploads

On May 22, 2010, the publisher put the announcement to stop illegal uploading on its official website[2].


The editors of LO send message not to rape real people and "problems of regulation of expression" on its opinion ads and Editor's Note.


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  2. (Japanese)違法アップロード追放(The Banishment of The Illegal Uploads)(This link may contain a sexual picture of a small girl.)

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