Cinderella Monogatari (シンデレラ物語?) is a TV anime series based on the Cinderella story. The series comprises 26 episodes.


The story begins with the departure of the father of Cinderella for a long business trip. The girl then left alone with her stepmother and two sisters, Catherine and Giannina. Since then things change for Cinderella: must do the most ungrateful and humble and is forced to live in a small room in the attic of the villa. Paulette Fortunately, his Fairy godmother watching over her, as well as remove of trouble secretly gives her the gift of being able to communicate with animals. Cinderella then surrounds new little friends: Paco the dog, Bingo and the mice and bird Ciuciu Papy, the help they can. During one of the few occasions when Cinderella is able to go into town (it's virtually segregated at home to cope with household chores, while her sisters are out having fun), he meets a strange young man who has nothing to be a friend of Prince Charles. The girl initially does not trust him and give him a liar repeatedly. Cinderella but do not know who this guy is none other than Prince Charles himself, who unwilling to stay at the castle to take lessons from his tutor, sometimes runs under the guise of Alexis, his great friend and fencing. Begins here many adventures, including hunting, betrayals and conspiracies of the palace, that feature the Prince, almost always in disguise, Cinderella and her stepmother, who hopes to marry one of his two daughters to the best party of the city, the Prince Charles. But in the end Cinderella discovers the true identity of the boy to whom she gave several times a liar and is distraught and desperate: how will make up for what he said to the Prince? Meanwhile, the King is organizing a big dance party, to which are invited all the unmarried girls of the area, so that his son Charles to find a woman to marry. Even Cinderella was invited, but her stepmother ripping his invitation. The Fairy Godmother, however, always ready to help the girl with his magic wand gives her a beautiful gown with the beautiful glass slippers: Cinderella can then go to the ball but must return before midnight hour when the magic is completed. This time Cinderella is to be incognito, and the party, Prince Charles does not recognize that beautiful princess appeared out of nowhere the companion of many adventures. But come midnight and Cinderella is forced to flee losing a shoe on the staircase of the building. The Prince was fascinated by the mysterious girl, desperate house to house, to find her. It was proclaimed that whoever's feet fits into the shoe she will be the bride of the Prince. And thus after many difficulties, Cinderella was proved to be that girl and was brought to the palace. In the day of marriage Duke Zaral had planned something other. He gave poison to the Prince in his drink and kidnapped Cinderella. He took her to top of the Clock Tower and forced the King, Charles' father to give up his kingdom in lieu of Cinderella since his son was no more. Suddenly Prince Charles, who had not really died appeared with the palace guards. He explained that he had already known about Zaral's plan and acted accordingly. A tough battle ensued between Zaral and the Prince. Atlast Zaral fell from the Clock Tower. Cinderella and Charles were married and lived happily ever after.


English Title Japanese Title Position Vocalist Used For
Love Plus Love Ai Purasu Ai (愛プラス愛) Japanese Opening Judy Ongg eps. 1-26
Newborn Love [生まれたての愛] Japanese Ending Judy Ongg eps. 1-26


# Title Description
1 I want to Become a Splendid Young Lady

Cinderella's father goes away on a long voyage, leaving his daughter in the care of her stepmother and two step-sisters. She is banished to the attic, and then forced to do the menial chores of the household while her stepmother and stepsisters are out enjoying themselves. Luckily, Cinderella is assisted by her little animal friends: Patch, an appealing puppy, Chuchu and Bingo, two clever little mice and a little bird named Pappy

2 The Flowers From my Dream

Jeanne and Catherine decide to become participants in the Flower Queen contest. Cinderella follows them to the city to see their show while her pets assure her to do all the house work. She promises to return by the time her Mother and sisters come back. While returning home she crosses paths with a young man who chases her up to the river. He returns her the key which had fallen in the their encounter.

3 The Mysterious Boy

Cinderella and her stepsisters go shopping in the city, and while she waits outside the shops, weighted down by the packages, she once again runs into the young man she had met the day before. The young man (prince Charles) reveals that he is the fencing partner of the Prince, which Cinderella finds hard to believe. Jeanne overhears the conversation, after which her stepmother orders her to invite him as a guest the next day.

4 The Horse

While Cinderella is out looking for Alex, she runs into Charles. Cinderella thinks he is just a liar and avoids him. On her way home, Cinderella’s pets remind her that her stepmother has ordered to come positively with the page. As her situation worsens, the fairy godmother comes to the rescue using her magic to change a horse into Charles. Cinderella hurries home with the Charles, but soon after they get there, the spell wears off and the prince turns back into the horse. Charles saves her from this chaos and reveals his true name.

5 A Dream Meeting

When they learn that the prince plans to go hunting, Cinderella’s sisters and stepmother decide to have a picnic in the same woods . However,when they then arrive in the middle of the woods, a storm breaks and a sudden gust of wind blows Jeanne’s hat off her head. Cinderella and Jeanne attempt to try and catch the hat but they fail. As Jeanne wanders about in the bushes, she is mistaken for a bear by Charles and Alex; in the nick of time, Cinderella finds Jeanne saving her from being shot as a bear. The prince realizes then that Cinderella is the same girl he met in the city.

6 Mystery of the Vineyard
7 False Fortuneteller
8 The Magic of a Smile
9 There's Something Strange About That Boy
10 Sad Violinist
11 For a Fantastic Love Story
12 Pleased to Meet You, Prince
13 The Way of Love... Isabel Runs Away
14 Prince Charles's Secret
15 Two Charles
16 The Prince and House Work
17 Kindness of a Small Heart
18 Disturbing Painter
19 Let's Get Rid of Those Bandits
20 Traveling Towards Happiness
21 Memories of My Mother
22 Cinderella's in Danger
23 Eliminate the Prince
24 Invitation to the Ball
25 Shoe of Happiness
26 Happy Marriage

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