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Chagurin (ちゃぐりん?) is a children's magazine published by the "Family Light Association" (家の光協会 Ie no Hikari Kyōkai) in Japan. The magazine was formerly published under the title Children's Light (こどもの光 Kodomo no Hikari). The goal of the magazine is to educate the next generation of Japan Agricultural Cooperative (or "JA") members. The magazine is difficult to find in the average bookstore in Japan, but it can be purchased at any local JA office. Clear submission guidelines for the children of the magazine's readers are available at any local JA office as well. The contents of Chagurin are intended to be similar to the educational magazines published by Shogakukan up through the 1960s, and has received a recommendation from the National PTA of Japan.

Like other magazines aimed at children, it includes a variety of manga. However, the manga found in Chagurin tends to be fairly mainstream, non-controversial, and is not generally collected in tankōbon format (Doraemon and Kiteretsu Daihyakka being exceptions).

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