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Chō Kōsoku Galvion (超攻速ガルビオン Chō Kōsoku Garubion?) is a 22-episode TV anime mecha series that aired in Japan in 1984. It revolves around criminals using robots to save innocents in exchange for years being cut from their long prison sentences. The program did not fare very well and had its planned number of episodes cut; a 23rd episode was partially completed but did not air. Episode 22 was a typical episode but had a 35-second epilogue tacked onto the end that explained the series' planned outcome via voice-over narration and stills.


Airing on Japanese television in 1984, the 22 episode anime Super High Speed Galvion features mecha designs by Ohata Koichi (of Gunbuster fame). In the 23rd century billionaire Midoriyama Rei creates a secret organization called Circus to combat a hidden group called Shadow that is taking over the world. When she can’t find qualified pilots for Circus’ main mecha, the Galvion, she cuts a deal with two convicts, Mu and Maya, to lead the fight against Shadow.


  • Muu (seiyū: Kouichi Hashimoto);
  • Maya (seiyū: Hirotaka Suzuoki);
  • Inka (seiyū: Yukiko Nashiwa);
  • Rei Midoriyama (seiyū: Keiko Yokozawa);
  • Henry McMillan (seiyū: Kenyuu Horiuchi);


  • Circus-1 Galvion
    • Circus-1
    • Road Attacker
  • Circus-2
  • Circus-3 Xector
    • Circus-3
    • Kyoukou Keitai
  • Excalibur
    • Road Machine
    • Road Fighter
  • Goblin
    • Road Machine
    • Road Fighter
  • Road Chaser
  • Burst Chaser
  • Atomic Chaser
  • Rescue Chaser
  • MB-α3 Videus
  • MB-α4 Ragdoll
  • MB-α7 Lias
  • MB-α10 Golem
  • MB-α11 Vargas
  • MB-α12 Brian