Protection templates
40px {{pp-meta}} Full Semi Move
Dispute: {{pp-dispute}} N/A {{pp-move-dispute}}
Vandalism: {{pp-vandalism}} {{pp-move-vandalism}}
High visibility templates and modules: {{pp-template}} N/A
User talk of blocked user: {{pp-usertalk}} {{pp-semi-usertalk}} N/A
Sockpuppetry: N/A {{pp-semi-sock}} N/A
WP:BLP: N/A {{pp-semi-blp}} N/A
Long-term: N/A {{pp-semi-indef}} {{pp-move-indef}}
Generic (other protection): {{pp-protected}} {{pp-move}}
Scrutiny of the Office: {{pp-office}} {{pp-reset}} N/A
Talk page info: {{permanently protected}} {{temporarily protected}} N/A
Create protection: {{pp-create}} N/A
Pending changes protection level 1: {{pp-pc1}} N/A
Pending changes protection level 2: {{pp-pc2}} N/A

These templates do not have any protective effect. They should only be used on pages after they have been protected by an administrator, and may be removed when the protection has expired.

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