The Exclude in print category is used from the book tool. The category Exclude in print is used to prevent certain templates (e.g. navigation templates) from being included in the output of the printed books or PDF & ODF documents. See Help:Books/for experts for more information.

Templates to exclude in offline exports

There are many templates with content which should be excluded in print versions. There are at least three major types:

Maintenance messages
are useless and distracting in offline exports as one can not contribute if offline. Examples: Maintenance, Cleanup ...
Warning & hinting messages
are useless and distracting in offline exports as users presumably considered them when selecting the article for export and elected to export it anyway. Examples: Sources of articles, Disputes, Deletion, General ...
Navigational content
Navigation links are useless and distracting in exports. Examples: Compact TOC, Wikimedia sister projects ...
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