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This article is about the 1993 anime OVA. For the 1973 television series, see Casshan.

Casshan: Robot Hunter, known in Japan as Robot Hunter Casshern (ロボット・ハンター・キャシャーン Robotto Hantā Kyashān?) or simply Casshern (キャシャーン Kyashān?, romanized as Casshan in the official logo), is a 1993 OVA produced and animated by Tatsunoko Productions and Artmic. This series is based on Tatsunoko Productions' 1973 anime series Neo-Human Casshern. Casshan: Robot Hunter was originally released as a four-volume series in Japan. However, the American publishers edited the four episodes into a single feature film for its English-language debut in 1995 with the english version directed by industry legend Carl Macek.[1] In 2003, ADV Films re-released the four-episode series on DVD.


Enslaved by an army of rebellious super robots originally designed to help civilization avert a complete ecological cataclysm, mankind's only hope is Casshan, a legendary hero who wages a solitary war to defeat the NEOROIDS and restore the Earth to its rightful order. Ironically, Casshan's father is the same scientist who engineered the race of super androids now threatening to destroy all of mankind. On a crusade to clear the name of his father, Casshan must sacrifice his own humanity in order to attain the powers he needs to defeat mankind's powerful enemies. However, Casshan's power does not come without a price. Haunted by the memories of his murdered mother and forced to deal with a super robot that has absorbed and now manipulates the consciousness of his father, Casshan must put aside his own emotions and fight to preserve the survival of the human race.[2]

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# Title Original Airdate
"Return From The Myth" (第1話: 神話からの帰還)
August 21, 1993[2] {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
"Journey to the Past" (第2話: 過去への旅立ち)
October 21, 1993[2] {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
"Blitz on the Bridge" (第3話: 鋼鉄の戦場)
December 21, 1993[2] {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
"The Reviver" (第4話: 復活のキャシャーン)
February 21, 1994[2] {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}


The title sequence for the OVA translates the katakana "キャシャーン" as "Casshan". This was repeated in the American adaptation by Harmony Gold.

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