Buronson (武論尊?), also known as Sho Fumimura (史村 翔 Fumimura Shō?), is a Japanese manga writer most known by his famous work Hokuto no Ken, known in English as Fist of the North Star. In 2002, he shared the Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga for Heat with Ryoichi Ikegami.[1]


Buronson was born as Yoshiyuki Okamura (岡村 善行 Okamura Yoshiyuki?) on June 16, 1947 in Saku, Nagano. He graduated from the Japan Air Self-Defense Forces Training School in 1967 and served as an Air Force radar mechanic. In 1969 he was discharged from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and was soon hired by Hiroshi Motomiya as a manga assistant. He started his manga writing career when he wrote the script of Pink Punch: Miyabi in 1972, drawn by Goro Sakai. In 1975 Buronson wrote his first big hit The Doberman Detective, drawn by Shinji Hiramatsu. The famous Hokuto no Ken made its debut as Buronson's greatest hit in 1983, drawn by Tetsuo Hara. In 1989 his story Ourou was released as a manga serialized in Animal Magazine, drawn by Kentarō Miura, and in 1990 a sequel entitled Ourou Den was released by the same manga artist. Okamura also collaborated with the manga artist Ryoichi Ikegami in many works as Strain, Odyssey and the famous Sanctuary. Among his other major works are Phantom Burai, with art by Kaoru Shintani.


Buronson was mainly influenced by movies such as Mad Max, and those of Bruce Lee and Sergio Leone.

The pen name Buronson is a tribute to the American actor Charles Bronson, whose mustache Buronson imitated.[citation needed]


As Buronson

As Sho Fumimura

  • Gorō-kun Tōjō (1972, art by Yō Hasebe)
  • Phantom Burai (1978 to 1984, art by Kaoru Shintani)
  • Ring no Takaō (1979, art by Jiro Kuwata)
  • Oh! Takarajika (1981-1983, art by Shinji Ono)
  • Wild Way (1982, art by Daisuke Inoue)
  • Ten made Agare (1982, art by Tatsuo Kanai)
  • Mad Dog (1983, art by Kei Takazawa)
  • Chu-high LEMON (1983-1988, art by Tsutomu Shinohara)
  • Dr. Kumahige (1988, art by Takumi Nagayasu)
  • Shogun (1988-1991, art by Jūzō Tokoro)
  • Migi-muke Hidari (1989-1991, art by Shinichi Sugimura)
  • Human
  • Sanctuary (from 1990 to 1995, 12 volumes, art by Ryoichi Ikegami)



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