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Bryce Austin Papenbrook (born on February 24, 1986) is an American voice actor, former kickboxer, and martial arts instructor[1].


Papenbrook was born in Los Angeles county, California on February 24, 1986. He is the son of Debbie Rothstein and the late Bob Papenbrook, both of whom are also voice actors. He graduated from UCLA in 2007 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. He graduated with multiple honors: Greek Cum Laude and UCLA College Honors[2]. Like his parents, Bryce does voices primarily in anime dubbing and video games. He announced through Gorsh Media networks that he proposed to long time girlfriend Samantha Griffin early in 2010. The couple is set to wed May 2011, as announced by Rev Andrew Conn, the couple's long time spiritual adviser.


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Martial Arts

Papenbrook has trained in the martial arts for over 16 years, and holds a fourth-degree black belt. He began training in the Chuck Norris system of Tang Soo Do (also known as American Tang Soo Do) under his original instructor Steve Clark. Later he would train and receive his fourth-degree black belt in the system under Clark’s instructor, former Chuck Norris black belt Dennis Ichikawa. Papenbrook would go on to become a former 3 time kickboxing champion with over 60 fights to his credit[1].

Papenbrook has been a kickboxing instructor for over 11 years at the House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts in Van Nuys. CA[1].

Business Interests

In 2009, Papenbrook along with business partner Joey Grassia opened Stacked Fitness. The company offers a number of services; including a full line of bodybuilding supplements, custom tailored supplement plans, and an array of nutrition and health articles[3]. Papenbrook is also the founder of "Muscle Beast Bodybuilding Supplements", a division of Stacked Fitness, devoted to bodybuilding and nutritional supplements[4].


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