Break Shot (ブレイクショット Bureikushotto?) is a Japanese manga series that spans 16 volumes. Many of the shots portrayed in the series are based on actual billiards principles, though they are highly dramatized and sometimes ignore principles of physics.


The story initially focuses on Chinmi's desire to publicize the pool-playing club at his high school. Eventually the focus shifts to Chinmi's climb up the pool tournament circuits and his desire to master new skills and invent new shots.


The main protagonist of the series, Chinmi is a high school student that is obsessed with pool. At the start of the series, he was the only member of his school's pool club. He is a very focused individual and displays amazing talent in pool. Chinmi would constantly invent creative methods of escaping from difficult situations while playing against other pool players.
She is the student body president at the same high school as Chinmi. When they first met, she came to the pool club to disband it for lack of members and lack of school funding. After Chinmi showed his skills to her, he convinced her that the club was worth keeping and she even became a member.

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