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Boys'n Girl is a shōjo manga series by mangaka Kei Yasunaga.


The protagonist Aria Hoshina was given a letter from her dad saying that he's supervising a dorm full of girls near a prestigious school, Saiko Garden, and he has a house with a large backyard. Aria who was tempted, flew to Saiko Garden. After arrival, she knew that the dorm was never the way she dreamed it to be ,and it was called "House of Delinquents" or "Zoo of Saiko Garden." What is she going to do with a dorm full of delinquents?


Aria Hoshina
The main character. She goes to live with her father who is the supervisor of a dorm full of delinquents.She is a stubborn girl and the dorm mother of their dorm.She's a second year female student.She has a brother name Masaki.
Rikio Tennoji
Leader of the delinquents and the star pointguard of the basketball team; ruthlessly teases Aria. had a hard past.In volume 4,Tennoji finally admit that she like Aria and gave her a hand made hat with mouse ears.

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