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Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory or Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden V (Bビーダマン爆外伝V) is a Coro Coro Comic series by Koichi Mikata, based on Bomberman and B-Daman. The animated television series is broadcast on Nagoya TV. V stands for "Victory" but the anime is also based on the 5th BB-daman manga.



  • Shirobon (White Bomber): A B-da Cop who travels through space and time to protect peace in the world. He is determined but a bit childish at times.
  • Aobon (Blue Bomber): Shirobon's partner. He is very shy and timid, but always pulls through in the end to save his friends.
  • Kurobon (Black Bomber): An elite B-da Cop who is very independent and acts on his own. He often comes in at critical times to save the other B-da Cops and then disappears as quickly as he came. He also has a number of shining medals, and is said to be the "uncrowned king".
  • Akabon (Red Bomber): She is the princess of Border Kingdom. After Devil Vader attacks her country she is saved by the B-da Cops Shirobon and Aobon. She later joins them as a B-da Cop to stop Devil Vader and save her kingdom.
  • Kiirobon (Yellow Bomber): A Kansai speaking shipping carrier who dreams of becoming a B-da Cop. While he waits to become one, he assists the others in their battles against dark B-da.
  • Midoribon (Green Bomber): A soldier from Border Kingdom who was stranded on an island. After being rescued by the B-da Cops, he joins forces with them to save Border Kingdom. He is very dedicated to Akabon and is willing to die for her.
  • Graybon Hakase (Professor Gray Bomber): A genius scientist who builds new armors for the B-da Cop.
  • Mimitan: A bat-like animal who is Graybon Hakase's assistant.


  • Akumantle:A mustached villain. For a while, the only one with a mecha of his own, but Docdandy and Gestler both obtain mechas as well in Episode 20. His Mecha resembles an scorpion.
  • Docdandy:A rather girly villain who likes pretty things, dislikes Kiirobon and has a crush on Kurobon. His mecha resembles a bee.
  • Devil Slinger: A very experienced Devilvader who seems to resemble a gunslinger. He and Kurobon are rivals.
  • Gestra:A chubby villan who is the brains of his trio, formed by him, Akumantle and Docdandy.
  • King Vader: The demon-like Devilvader leader.


  • Geniusbon
  • Witchy
  • Carrierbon
  • Bestbon
  • B-DaMaster
  • B-Da King


A Game Boy Color RPG title was published by Media Factory in 2000-02-04.[1]

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