Boin (ボイン?) is a Japanese eroge visual novel developed by Crossnet-Pie, a subsidiary brand of Crossnet, which is known for visual novels such as Maple Colors, Ayakashi, and Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo. 'Boin' (ぼいん'?) is Japanese slang for 'big breasts'. It is followed by its sequel Resort Boin. A DVD player game version and a UMD was also released.


Daisuke Ichijō (一条大介 Ichijō Daisuke?) is a new teacher in school. He became popular with everyone in a matter of days. He conducts a class that allows his students to role-play as whatever they wish to be when they graduate, but some say this is a plot to spend extra time with the girls, and the girls expect more than just lessons.

Anime adaptation

A three-episode anime OVA adaption was made by Milky Animation Label. Two volumes have been released in Japan.[citation needed]


A sequel titled Resort Boin was released on March 16, 2007.[citation needed]


Boin debuted as the 3rd best selling bishōjo game of its week.[2]


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