Bluestar's Prophecy is a book in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. This is the second Warriors Super Edition, the first being Firestar's Quest. The book follows Bluefur as she matures from childhood and eventually becomes the leader of ThunderClan, also revealing a prophecy she receives from Goosefeather: "You are fire, Bluepaw, and you will blaze through the forest. But beware! Even the most powerful flames can be destroyed by water." It was published by HarperCollins and released on July 28, 2009. It was released in China on July 31, 2010.[2]


Bluestar's Prophecy follows Bluekit, born into ThunderClan along with her sister, Snowkit. Soon after receiving apprenticeship, ThunderClan attacks WindClan, and their mother, Moonflower, is killed. At a Gathering, Bluepaw meets Crookedpaw (later Crookedjaw and Crookedstar), an apprentice from RiverClan, and they quickly become friends. The friendship is stressed but relieved later in the book when the two Clans fight and Bluepaw defeats Crookedpaw.

Bluepaw and Snowpaw eventually receive their warrior names, Bluefur and Snowfur. Snowfur's relationship with her sister is later damaged when she falls in love with Thistleclaw, whom Bluefur feels is arrogant and untrustworthy. Later, Thistleclaw and Snowfur have a son, Whitekit, known eventually as Whitestorm. Bluefur later meets the RiverClan warrior Oakheart; although she hates him at first, they eventually fall in love.

Goosefeather, the Clan's medicine cat, receives a prophecy about Bluefur being a fire that blazes through the forest, but water will destroy her. Pinestar, Bluefur's leader, leaves ThunderClan to become a kittypet. Sunfall, the deputy, takes Pinestar's place.

Snowfur dies when a car hits her, leaving Bluefur to care for Whitekit. One night, Bluefur meets Oakheart, and they spend the night together. She is later horrified to find out she is pregnant. Thrushpelt, who is also in love with Bluefur, helps her take care of the kits, allowing the rest of ThunderClan to believe he is the father, since Bluestar kept the father's identity a secret. Sunstar tells Bluefur he would have made her deputy, but since she had kits, he will let Thistleclaw be deputy instead. Knowing that allowing Thistleclaw to become deputy would be deadly to the Clan (she saw him in a vision dripping with blood), she takes her three kittens to Oakheart, but on the way, Mosskit dies because pf the freezing snow. When she returns, she pretends that a starving predator took her kittens. Bluefur is made deputy, learning that Sunstar only received eight lives because Pinestar had not died yet. After Sunstar dies, she becomes leader. A few months later, she receives another prophecy from Spottedleaf- 'Fire alone can save our clan.'


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