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Blue Eyes (ブルーアイズ Burū Aizu?) is a series of manga comic books by Tohru Nishimaki (にしまき とおる Nishimaki Tooru?), who specializes in bakunyū hentai. Nine books have been published at the moment.


The story begins with Tatsuya, a high school student who discovers that his first love of three years ago, Maria Misono, has now transferred to his school and his class. Half-Japanese with a British mother, Maria was born with blond hair and blue eyes (hence the title), and promised "Tat-chan" (her nickname for Tatsuya) that she would lose her virginity with him when her body was mature enough. Now she feels so, and so they have their first really sexual experience together. What Tat-chan enjoys most are Maria's enormously large breasts. From now on, Tat-chan has many affairs with women and often has to decide between love or sex, which drives him rather confused.


  • Volume I
    • Chapter 1: The Girl With Blue Eyes
    • Chapter 2: Huge Breasts vs Really Huge Breasts
    • Chapter 3: The Nurse's Office Gets Hot And Wet
    • Chapter 4: Unsatisfied
    • Chapter 5: A Confession of Love
    • Chapter 6: Lunch Time Romance
  • Volume II
    • Chapter 7: My Doctor!?
    • Chapter 8: Lovely Cecilia
    • Chapter 9: Affair With A Teenager Boy
    • Chapter 10: The Third Woman
    • Chapter 11: Summertime Sweeties
    • Chapter 12: Love Boat
  • Volume III
    • Chapter 13: Forbidden Fruit
    • Chapter 14: Double Insertion
    • Chapter 15: Cecilia's Delight
  • Volume IV
    • Chapter 16: The Bronco And The Babe
    • Chapter 17: Forest Of The Fairies
    • Chapter 18: The Confused Heart
    • Chapter 19: Concert of Sensations
    • Chapter 20: Endless Passion
  • Volume V
    • Chapter 21: The Evening Visitor
    • Chapter 22: The Valley Between Sensuality And Infidelity
    • Chapter 23: The Noblewoman Of The Rose
    • Chapter 24: Men Just Can't Hold Back
    • Chapter 25: Playing With Immoral Fire
    • Chapter 26: Enraputured Woman
  • Volume VI
    • Chapter 27: London For Lovers
    • Chapter 28: Prescription For Shyness
    • Chapter 29: Lovely Days
    • Chapter 30: Doing London Together
    • Chapter 31: The Shadow of Suspicion
    • Chapter 32: Love Is Limitless
  • Volume VII
    • Chapter 33: Ladies Of The Night
    • Chapter 34: The Blues Of An Angel
    • Chapter 35: Bonds Of Love
    • Chapter 36: The True Target Is Revealed
    • Chapter 37: The Boy Who Leapt Through Time
  • Volume VIII
    • Chapter 38: The Pretender. The Masked Blackmailer
    • Chapter 39: The Shamefully Sweet Trick
    • Chapter 40: Temptation From The Goddesses
    • Chapter 41: Airport Cumming
    • Chapter 42: That Summer Urge
    • Chapter 43: Love, Fireworks And The Summer Festival
  • Volume IX
    • Chapter 44: Elder Sister's Lover
    • Chapter 45: A Guide To Love
    • Chapter 46: The First Time
    • Chapter 47: Private Lesson
    • Chapter 48: Awakening Of The Virgin


  • Tatsuya Hibino: main character, 17 years old.
  • Maria Misono: Tatsuya's girlfriend. 17 years old. Height-158cm B-132cm W-56cm H-88cm.
  • Cecilia Christy-Misono: Maria's mother. 34 years old. Height 168cm B-148cm W-60cm H-92cm.
  • Lisa Mizuno: Tatsuya's friend. 17 years old. Height-160cm B-110cm W-58cm H-86cm.
  • Claire Florence Fairchild: Maria's cousin. 19 years old. Height-165cm B-201cm W-59cm H-89cm.
  • Alice Cooper: Misono's maid. 18 years old. Height-164cm B-98cm W-58cm H-86cm.
  • Sarah Christy-Fairchild: Claire's mother. 38 years old. Height-163cm B-146cm W-62cm H-95cm.
  • Meg Mizuno: Lisa's sister, 15 years old. Height-154cm B-93cm W-54cm H-85cm.
  • Naomi Mizuno: Lisa's mother, 37 years old. Height-166cm B-122cm W-63cm H-94cm.

Extra Information

The books were originally translated from Japanese to English and distributed by White Lightning Productions. Icarus Publishing now publishes English-language versions of the comics in formerly in the AG Erotic Anthology collections and now only in trade paperbacks (4 so far).

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