Blazing Transfer Student (炎の転校生 Honō no Tenkōsei?) (BTS) is a manga by a Kazuhiko Shimamoto. It was adapted into a 2-episode OVA series made in 1991 by Gainax. For some reason, Gainax does not list it as one of their official works, even though their name is clearly and rather largely emblazoned, in English, during the opening and closing credits.

The BTS OVA parodies anime of the 1970s, particularly Tomorrow's Joe, and is complete with intentionally jerky animation, dirty-looking cels, thick black lines, and retro character designs, much like Kazuhiko Shimamoto's drawing style.


In this series, Takizawa Noboru transfers to a school where all disputes are settled through fighting. He quickly runs afoul of the school bully, Ibuki Saburo, who has a boxing match with "God's Hall Monitor", Jonichi Koichi, to determine who will date the lovely Yukari. Takizawa is enraptured with Yukari, and decides to intervene in the fight which Ibuki managed to win by bending the rules. Takizawa loses the fight in the first OVA to Ibuki's deadly deathblow punch, but in the second OVA Takizawa develops his own deathblow punch and eventually wins the day.


BTS was released to laserdisc only, instead of to both VHS and laserdisc, as had been the usual custom with OVAs.


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