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Barefoot Gen (はだしのゲン Hadashi no Gen?) is a war drama anime based on the Japanese manga series by Keiji Nakazawa. Directed by Mori Masaki and released in 1983, it depicts WWII in Japan from a child's point of view revolving around the events surrounding the bombing of Hiroshima and the main character's first hand experience of the bomb.



  • Issei Miyazaki as "Gen Nakaoka", Barefoot Gen, the protagonist of the story.
  • Takao Inoue as "Daikichi Nakaoka", Gen's father.
  • Yoshie Shimamura as "Kimie Nakaoka", Gen's mother.
  • Seiko Nakano as "Eiko Naoaoka", Gen's elder sister.
  • Masaki Kōda as "Shinji Nakaoka", Gen's younger brother.
  • Junji Nishimura as "Boku"
  • Katsuji Mori as "Seiji"


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  • DVD released on August 6, 2005, from Geneon.


  • Soundtrack released from King Records in 1983.

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