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Baoh (バオー来訪者Baō Raihōsha,? Baoh: The Visitor) is a manga series and anime OVA created by Hirohiko Araki, most famous for his epic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It is licensed in English by Viz Media.[1] The manga lasted only two collected volumes and was adapted into a single-episode original video animation.


  • Superhuman strength, agility, and speed
  • Superhuman healing: The more a BAOH host body is injured, the quicker the parasite heals the host and initiates defensive measures. In the anime Ikuro has his throat slit and a knife embedded in his heart. Even with the knife still in his chest Ikuro's heart continues to beat and pushes the blade out of his chest.
  • Corrosive enzymes: Hands produce a corrosive substance that melts through flesh & metal.
  • Armor: Hosts produce organic metal over their skin that serves as a protective shell.
  • Bio-blades: Hosts produce organic blades from various parts of the body (depending on type of host).
  • Stingers: Organic needles that burst into flame on contact with flesh are projected from the host. In Ikuroo's case, from his hair.
  • Dark thunder: A devastating electrical blast. Produces enough power to charge a large scale laser (As shown in the anime).


  • According to the parasite's creator the only means of destroying a BAOH (once inserted in a host) is to put a bullet through the brain of the host, and then to completely burn the body (thus killing the host and parasite).
  • The only way to keep an implanted host dormant is to submerge them in salt water.
  • After 111 days of non-dormancy, the parasite will reproduce and its larvae will leave the host, killing it.


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  • The character Neo Dio from the video game series World Heroes is based on Baoh, bearing not only a strikingly similar appearance, but also has similar attacks in which he uses in his various appearances in the World Heroes series, and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


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