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Babel II (バビル2世 Babiru Ni-Sei?) is a 1971 manga series by Mitsuteru Yokoyama.

Yokoyama's manga has been animated three times: in 1973 as a television series, in 1992 as an original video animation series, and in 2001 as a 13 episode television series.

Yokoyama also wrote a sequel manga located in a parallel universe, His Name Is 101 (その名は101 Sono Na wa Wan-Zero-Wan?).

Common plot

The series follows Koichi, a Japanese schoolboy who learns he is the reincarnation of the alien entity "Babel". As such, Koichi is entrusted with Babel's powers and joined by three protectors: Rodem, a shape-shifting black panther; Ropross, a Pteradactyl-like flying creature; and Poseidon, a giant robot that always rises from the depth of the ocean when summoned. The boy hero commands his new found powers and companions to defend the Earth.

Babel II (Manga)


Babel II
His real name is Koichi Yamano (His family name is different respectively in the anime version like Furumi, Yamano, Kamiya). Koichi lives an ordinary junior high school life, but one day the computer of the Tower of Babel authorizes him as a master of the tower. Koichi is actually a distant descendant of the space alien Babel, who cast ashore on Earth 5000 years ago, and he inherits his abilities (superhuman intellect and physical strength, various supernatural powers). He leaves the Tower of Babel with three manservants following him and with their help he confronts Yomi for disturbing the world peace.
Yomi is a vicious monarch who conspires to rule over the world. He is a distant descendant of Babel like Babel II, and has supernatural power equivalent to Babel II. He owns secret bases in many parts of the world, and is accompanied by miscellaneous subordinates, such as scientists, engineers, psychics, and cyborg agents. Because Yomi sends each country remodeled men as VIPs in the government, he can manipulate many nations at will. He produces various robot weapons to counter Babel II's three servants and challenges him to a fight. He had been invited to the Tower of Babel as a candidate for heir-apparent of the tower before. However, since the computer judged that he does not suit as successor, this memory was erased from him.
Yumiko Furumi
Yumiko is a daughter of Dr. Furumi and a classmate in Koichi's junior high school. In the anime version (1973), she is Koichi's cousin, and since Koichi lost parents when he was young, Dr. Furumi, his uncle, took him in.
He is a head of National Security Bureau. The supporter of Babel II.
He is a skilled investigator of National Security Bureau.

Three Servants

Lodem is an intellectual living thing of the indeterminate form. It can transform itself into various form, but usually likes black panther's figure. It also often chooses a female figure.
Ropross is a huge bird-type monster robot. It can fly in the sky at supersonic speed, and has a rocket launcher and the Supersonic Wave Generator in its mouth.
Poseidon is a huge human-shape robot. It has laser gun in a finger and a torpedo launcher in its abdomen. Poseidon shows its ability most in the sea, but it can be active and powerful on the land as well.

Yomi's weapons

Combat robots swinging an iron ball with a chain around.

Sono Na wa 101 (Manga)


There was a boy called registration number "101" (one-zero-one) in the secret laboratory which CIA administered. The boy was Koichi Yamano who was once called Babel II and saved the world. Koichi was told that his blood makes the cure-all which saves dying sick persons and wounded persons, and he provided the laboratory with his blood after fighting with Yomi.

However, he has noticed that the laboratory transfused his blood into subjects and produced supermen like him artificially. He escaped from the lab and decided to exterminate supermen born by his blood scattered all over the world.

As a result, the enemy sends espers to fight him one after another. Unfortunately, the three servants of Babel II, Lodem, Ropross and Poseidon, are confined in an underground nuclear test site by the CIA, so Koichi is forced to fight alone.

TV anime (1973)


Character Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Koichi Furumi/Babel II Akira Kamiya
Babel I
Lodem (Black Panther) Keiichi Noda
Lodem (Woman type) Nana Yamaguchi
The computer of the Tower of Babel Kouji Yada
Yumiko Furumi Michiko Nomura
Furumi (Yumiko's father) Kunihiko Kitagawa
Furumi (Yumiko's mother) Akiko Tsuboi
Yomi Chikao Otsuka
Taro Watari Shingo Kanematsu
Yuki Watari Tamaki Taura
Chii-bou Keiko Yamamoto

OVA (1992)


Character Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Koichi Yamano/Babel II Takeshi Kusao
Babel I Hiroshi Naka
Emperor Yomi Akio Ōtsuka
Juju Kotono Mitsuishi
Wang Shinichi Ishihara
Yuka Ai Orikasa
Yamazaki Ikuya Sawaki
Hammer Kōji Tsujitani
Nicola Toshihiko Seki
LaShelle Kumiko Watanabe
Leah Kumiko Nishihara
Griffin Tomoyuki Morikawa
Psychists Wataru Takagi, Masaki Aizawa, Hikaru Midorikawa

Beyond Infinity (2001)


Character Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Koichi Kamiya/Babel II Kenichi Suzumura Dave Wittenberg
Babel I Hiroya Ishimaru Lex Lang
Lodem Kenyuu Horiuchi Lex Lang
Yumiko Furumi Shoko Kikuchi Michelle Ruff
Reika Saeki Satsuki Yukino Julie Pickering
Yomi Mugihito Abe Lasser
Hikari Homura/Leon Showtaro Morikubo Dave Mallow
Hikari Homura (child) Masayuki Kimura Brianne Siddall
Ryoko Kirishima Yurika Hino Karen Strassman



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