B.B. Explosion (はじけてB.B. Hajikete Bī Bī?) is a manga by Yasue Imai licensed in the U.S. by VIZ Media.

The story revolves around little Airi from Okinawa who enters the Actors school dreaming of appearing in the TV show called Boom Boom (hence the B.B. in the title).


Airi Ishikawa
Airi is a girl who dreams of becoming a singer and dancer who enters the Actors school to pursue her dreams. She is very lively and sweet but she sometimes compares herself to many other people.
Yū Yamada
Yū is another girl who also dreams of being a brilliant singer/ dancer but she is also thinking about becoming a model. Yū can be really over excited and refers to herself in the third person.
Yumi Kōchi
Yumi is also attending Actors school. She is older than Yū and Airi but she still hangs out with them. She got into Actors while doing an audition with her best friend; only Yumi got in, though. Yumi is more serious and also gets hungry really easily.
a boy band that went to actors' school and graduated right when Airi joined.

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