Ayahi Takagaki (高垣 彩陽 Takagaki Ayahi?, born October 25, 1985) is a Japanese seiyū and singer born in Tokyo, Japan.[1] She had her first major voice acting roles in 2007, voicing Jasmine in Deltora Quest and Lucia Nahashi in Venus Versus Virus.

Her career as a musician began with her performance of the opening themes of the anime series First Love Limited in April 2009. In the same month, she and three other voice actresses debuted as the musical group Sphere with their single "Future Stream".

Voice Acting career

Takagaki had her first major role as voice actor in 2007, providing the voice of Jasmine, a main character of the anime series Deltora Quest.[2] She was then featured in Venus Versus Virus and Da Capo II as Lucia Nahashi and Asakura Otome, respectively.[3][4]

She went on to voice Noe Isurugi in the 2008 series True Tears and held a leading role in S · A: Special A, proving the voice of Megumi Yamamoto.[5][6] She later took the roles of Nina Antalk, in Chrome Shelled Regios and Ein, in Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, in 2008.[7][8] Later that year, She was cast as Alesta Blanket in Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! and as Sumika Murasame, protagonist of Sasameki Koto.[9][10]

In addition to voice acting, Takagaki has also appeared on camera. She, Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Tomatsu, and Minako Kotobuki appeared twice on the Anime Song Plus (アニソンぷらす Anison Purasu?) television show as the musical group Sphere on April 20, 2009, and July 27, 2009.[11] For part of the show's run in June 2009, Takagaki also narrated the show.[12]

Musical career

Takagaki's first musical performance was the opening theme of the 2009 First Love Limited series, titled "Future Stream" with Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Tomatsu, and Minako Kotobuki.[13] Shortly after, the four formed the musical group Sphere. They are affiliated with Music Ray'n, an artist management and publishing group of Sony Music Entertainment Japan.[14][15] The theme was released as the group's first single on April 22, 2009.[13] In July, the anime series Sora no Manimani debuted with the Sphere performed opening theme "Super Noisy Nova", which was released as a single on July 29, 2009.[16] Sphere released their third single "It Raises the Wind/Brave my heart" on November 25, 2009.[17] The group released their first album A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E on December 23, 2009.[18] After, the group performed the currently untitled opening theme of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaō, which will begin airing in April 2010.[19]




Ayahi released five singles:

  • "Future Stream" (2009)[13]
  • "Super Noisy Nova" (2009)[16]
  • "Kaze o Atsumete/Brave My Heart" (風をあつめて/Brave my heart Collecting the Wind?) (2009)[17]
  • "Inori/Justice" (祈り† Prayer?) (2009) (character single for Mobile Suit Gundam 00 under the name "Ayahi Takagaki as Feldt Grace," produced by Kokia)[26]
  • "Kimi ga Iru Basho" (2010) The Ending theme to the anime Occult Academy

In addition, one album has been released:

  • A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E (2009)[18]


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