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Asura Cryin' (アスラクライン Asura Kurain?) is a Japanese light novel series by Gakuto Mikumo, with illustrations by Nao Watanuki. The novel series begin on July 10, 2005, and ended on November 10, 2009, with thirteen volumes in total published by ASCII Media Works under their Dengeki Bunko imprint. A manga adaptation by Ryō Akizuki started serialization in ASCII Media Works' shōnen manga magazine Dengeki Daioh on September 27, 2008. An anime adaptation began airing in Japan in April 2009.[1][2]


A semi-serious school action story revolving around the main protagonist, Tomoharu Natsume. He is haunted by his childhood friend, Misao Minakami, who became a ghost ever since he barely survived an airplane accident three years earlier. Tomoharu Natsume takes the opportunity to live on his own when he enters high school in his new place of residence, Meiou-tei, and starts enjoying a carefree high school life. His life changed when a beautiful girl named Kurosaki Shuri appears with a trunk which she claimed Tomoharu's brother, Naotaka Natsume, asked her to deliver to him. The presence of the trunk causes the appearance of Takatsuki Kanade, a girl dressed like a shrine maiden who is after the trunk. Tomoharu is in possession of the trunk, which reveals secrets about the world they live in.


Science Club / Third Student Council President / Royal Dark Society

Tomoharu Natsume (夏目 智春 Natsume Tomoharu?)
Voiced by: Miyu Irino
Tomoharu is the main protagonist of the series, often called "Tomo" by his closest friends. He is sent to live on his own so he would not get in the way of his mother and her newly married husband along with his new step younger sister Kazuha. He was involved in a plane crash with Misao three years ago (the same as the one You, Shuri, and Yukari were involved in) and came in contract with Kurogane, but has no memory of sacrificing Misao as a Burial Doll.
Three years later, Shuri gave him a silver trunk called "Extractor" and Tomoharu releases the Asura Machina, becoming a Handler of the Kurogane. His demeanor is rather weak when it comes to those around him with him often stumbling on his words whenever there is a misunderstanding or becoming scared when danger appears. In most cases he then tries to overcome it.
After Tomoharu's Kurogane got defeated by Tokiya's Hagane, Tomoharu and others ended up in the "First World" due to Hagane's power going out of control. Upon their arrival at First World, Tomoharu becomes a demon and gains the ability to summon a beast known as the Collosus of Darkness, during his stay in "First World" he learns about the cause of destruction in first world and how Naotaka (Tomoharu from First World) was working to stop it. Tomoharu chose to save the world that First World Tomoharu was trying to protect by combining broken Kurogane and Shirogane to create a Kurogane Kai. Using Misao from First World's soul after she became a second Burial Doll to Kurogane Kai, Tomoharu was able to destroy the gate to other worlds and stop the destruction of the first world at the cost of sacrificing the other Misao.
After coming back from first world to "Second World" by using the power of Naotaka from first world's Asura Machina, Uzushio, the contract Tomoharu and Kanade made in first world was established and their daughter Persephone was born. Tomoharu decides to save the second world as well and prepares for final battle with Tokiya. After Tokiya used Hagane's power to gain control of Hisui, Bismuth, and Rhodonite and caused Central Vortex to go out of control to create a black hole that starts the destruction of the Second World, Tomoharu's party heads to Central Vortex to chase after Tokiya's party goes to "Third World" to put an end to Tokiya's plan and stopped destruction of the Second World. At the Central Vortex, in order to stop and crush Tokiya's illusion of creating the perfect world, Tomoharu's party clashes against Tokiya's party to save every world from possible destruction once and for all.
Tomoharu, Misao and Kanade manage to defeat Tokiya and Hiwako at the Central Vortex. Tomoharu even used Kurogane Kai's space manipulation ability to forcefully take Toru out from the Hagane to save her from vanishing. Tomoharu's wish for the survival of the future resonates with Igniter to save the Second World from the destruction by closing the gate to other worlds, eliminating all the irregular things from the First World such as Asura Machina, Demons, and Daughters in the process, thus ending contract between Tomoharu and Kanade.
(First World)
Tomoharu from the First World became the handler of Hagane to save the world for Misao's sake. He traveled to the Second World via Hagane's space manipulation ability, and in doing so became a demon. However, he arrived after the airplane crash occurred in the Second World only to find Tomoharu from Second World already dead; but he managed to revive him by sacrificing Misao from Second World and contracting him with Kurogane.
After becoming a Demon, he gained the ability to control people's cognition, which he used to pose as Naotaka from Second World who died while studying aboard. He told Tomoharu from Second World nothing about the destruction of the First World because he wanted to solve everything by himself. He also told other Tomoharu not to do unnecessary things, as he was just a reserve for him.
While making preparations to destroy the Central Vortex, he was killed by Tokiya. First World Tomoharu's skills as a Handler were overwhelming and Tomoharu from Second World became stronger just by watching him.
Misao Minakami (水無神 操緒 Minakami Misao?)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu
Misao, Tomoharu's childhood friend, is the female heroine of the series. In order to save Tomoharu's life, she became the Burial Doll of the Asura Machina Kurogane when they were involved in a plane crash three years before. Ever since then, she has been only visible to a handful of people as a Projection Body (known informally as a spirit). After Kurogane consumed the stabilizer plugin, she became visible to everyone and became a transfer student in Tomoharu's class. She gets jealous if Tomoharu gets close to another girl and she affectionately calls Tomoharu as "Tomo". She seems to have feelings for Tomoharu, a plot point that becomes more evident in First world where the two of them kissed.
During the time Tomoharu is making the decision to stop the destruction of the First World, Misao tells Kanade that it's okay to tell someone she loves her true feelings, since Kanade decides to hide her feelings about Tomoharu. After hearing those words from Misao, Kanade decides not to hide her feeling afterwards. When they come back to the Second World, Misao muses that in the end, Tomoharu will come back to her so she's not worried about Tomoharu and Kanade going out for now.
After the final battle, Misao is released from being Burial Doll thanks to the completed splitter created by Nia back in First World which uses power of Asura Machina as its energy source. Misao muses about how it's harder for Tomo to choose between Misao and Kanade than to save the world.
(First World)
Misao becomes the Demon along with all the people who were involved in black hole experience. When Tomoharu's party from Second World tried to destroy the gate to other worlds to stop the destruction of First World, she became the second Burial Doll to Kurogane Kai and sacrificed her life to help Tomoharu from Second World destroy the gate to other worlds and stop the destruction of First World. In the first world it seemed that Misao and Tomoharu had a relationship as there was a flashback where Tomoharu and Misao shared a kiss and she even asked Tomoharu if he'll love her forever even if she vanishes.
Kanade Takatsuki (嵩月 奏 Takatsuki Kanade?)
Voiced by: Ai Nonaka
Kanade is the second female heroine of the series. Kanade seems to have two sides to herself and during her first night at the school dorm, she attacked Tomoharu in order to prevent him from receiving his Asura Machina and starting a new series of fights as a consequence. She wears miko costume when she fights by Takatsuki-ryuu Enbu.
Kanade is a demon and, as such, has supernatural powers which she mainly use to create fire for combat purposes, among which includes the creation of a flaming sword called Flaming Moon (焔月 Engetsu?). Whenever her demonic powers are active, her eyes change color to blue and light green, one color on each eye. After she become a contractor of Asura Cryin', both of her eyes become green when she released her demonic power. This is same case with Hiwako as well.
She developed a crush on Tomoharu, but avoided pursuing her feelings because she did not want to stand between Tomoharu and Misao. This seems to be evident in both First and Second World. Those feeling cause her to protect Tomoharu with all her strength, disregarding even her own well being. Due to the absence of a contractor, Kanade suffers from vanishing when she uses too much power.
Kanade choose to show her true feelings to Tomoharu when Misao told her that it is okay for Kanade to tell someone she like that she like them. During the final battle, Hiwako asks Kanade what's the reason she's here and Kanade replies the reason she's here is because she wants to know everything about Tomoharu and don't want to miss not even a second of him while Hiwako's reason was to know the everything about the world. Hiwako muses that Kanade's reason for being in the final battle is also interesting as much as Hiwako's interest about the world.
After the final battle, Kanade seems to be turning back to human as all the irregular things from the First World such as Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughters are gone and either turned into normal human or animal.
(First World)
A miko of the Takatsuki Shrine. Kanade visited La Croix on the day of its first experiment to pray for its safe operation but was caught up in the accident where black hole gone out of control. She was the only one who didn't turned into Demon after the accident in La Croix.
After completion of Hagane, Kanade became Hagane's Burial Doll with Tomoharu as Handler. She got killed by Hiwako who destroys Kanade's body inside the Hagane right after Naotaka, Tomoharu from First World got killed by Tokiya. When Tomoharu from Second World met Naotaka from First World, he explains that Kanade volunteered to became a Burial Doll of Hagane in order to save her friend Misao Minakami's life.
Ania Fortuna (アニア·フォルチュナ·ソメシェル·ミク·クラウゼンブルヒ Ania Foruchuna Somesheru Miku Kurauzenburuhi?)
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi
A young, genius blond-haired demon who recently transferred to Tomoharu's school and was placed into his care to protect her from a demon hunter. Ania's family's profession is to study the Asura Machina control systems. As a demon, she is a Luck-eater; a demon that eats the luck of people and controls the balance between unlucky and lucky people.
Her nickname is Nia (ニア?). Nia was sent to study the Asura Machina that had absorbed the Stabilizer, but had also come to Japan to look for her missing sister, Christina Fortuna. She later obtains her sister Christina's research data in which she uses it to help create the Asura Machina in First World.
After getting separated from Tomoharu and others and got sent to First World 5 years earlier than others by out of controlled Hagane, Nia joined institution called La Croix. She is known as the Witch of Rakurowa High School (洛高の魔女 Raku-kō no Majo?) in Rakurowa High School. It is later revealed that she's the one who created Asura Machina to fulfill Tomoharu from First World's wish. Using the knowledge she gained from Christina's research data, Nia created total of 21 Asura Machina in a month.
After the final battle, Ania become her old chibi self. Ania muses about returning to her younger self, wondering out loud why some things couldn't have just stayed as they were.
Shuri Kurosaki (黒崎 朱浬 Kurosaki Shuri?)
Voiced by: Rie Tanaka
Shuri is Tomo, Misao, and Kanade's senpai. She was also involved in the plane crash 3 years ago, and nearly died. Her limbs and organs had been replaced by machinery after the accident, thus making her able to store weapons in her arms and legs. She has a younger twin sister named Yukari, who You sacrificed her to become the Burial Doll of Shirogane in order to protect her from dying (You thought Shuri had died already).
Despite fatally wounded by Toru, Shuri seem to have survived. After it is revealed that she's, in fact, Shuri's younger sister Yukari, who's been acting as her older sister in order to save Shuri from being Shirogane's Burial Doll, You finally realized that Shuri was actually Yukari and tells it to Tomoharu and others. Tomoharu's party reunite with Yukari who lost her purpose of living after her older sister Shuri died. Tomoharu tells Yukari who's confused whether she's Shuri or Yukari that it doesn't matter who she is and He thanked her for saving her until now and told her that he'll save the world she's living in.
Shuri comes to aid Tomoharu and others during final battle. She chose to live as Shuri Kurosaki and tell You that she should fight with Yukari. After the final battle, she seems to be skipping school, making excuse that her wound hasn't been fully healed yet.
(First World)
Current vice-president of the Student Council. She wears Student Council's vice president uniform instead of Dark Society's black coat as her counterpart in Second World does. Tomoharu from Second World noticed she wasn't the Shuri from Second World he knew, because Shuri from Second World he knew was Yukari from First World, not Shuri from First World.
Takuma Higuchi (樋口 琢磨 Higuchi Takuma?)
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono
A good friend of Tomoharu's. He is interested in all things that are supernatural and also often flirts with any beautiful girls he sees. It was through him that Tomoharu managed to find out Shuri's identity. He likes Reiko, but she does not seem to like him. Although it was never explained, Takuma seems to know the Misao even before Misao shows herself after Kurogane absorbed Stabilizer as he was surprised to see Misao and address her Misao-chan even though he just met her. After the final battle, Hiwako joins Science Club. Takuma seems to have fallen for Hiwako at first sight.
(First World)
Takuma Higuchi from the First World. According to Tomoharu, Higuchi is same as he was in First World. Higuchi from both First and Second World cheers up Tomo and gives him a smile.
Tokiya Kagayaki (炫 塔貴也 Kagayaki Tokiya?)
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada
Aki and Toru's childhood friend and the main antagonist of season 2. Tokiya is the president of Science Club and former commander of GD. He became an Ex-handler after losing Aki (and an Asura Machina that looks like Hisui) when fighting a dangerous Asura Cryin'. Shuri's weapons are designed by him.
Tokiya had been hikikomori during half a year since he lost Aki. Because he could not keep living in a world without Aki, he made a contract with Hiwako and became an Asura Cryin' after stealing Hagane, this obsession eventually drove him to the brink of insanity. He intends to use the Hagane's time-space manipulation powers to create a 3rd Stage World and start everything all over again.
Using Hagane's power, Tokiya gains Hisui, Bismuth, Rhodonite. Using all 4 Asura Machina he gained, he make Central Vortex gone out of control to start the destruction of the Second World. After gate to the Third World opens, he goes into the Third World with Hiwako.
After realizing that Third World wasn't the world he imagined, he sought to take Igniter from Tomoharu's party in order to create the perfect world he dreams of and clashes against Tomoharu's party to create that perfect world even if it means to destroy every world including First World, Second World, and newly created Third World to create that perfect world.
After Tokiya and Hiwako got defeated by Tomoharu and Kanade, Tokiya lost will to live. He is currently in wheelchair and aided by Toru.
(First World)
Freeloader who stays at Kitsutaka house. Tokiya from First World explains to Tomoharu from Second World about experience Naotaka from First World are involved in and discuss what had gone wrong. He's very clumsy but he receives lots of jobs to research things from all over the world according to Toru. Tomoharu muses that if Aki was here in Second World, maybe Tokiya wouldn't do what he did in Second World.
Toru Kitsutaka (橘高 冬琉 Kitsutaka Tōru?)
Voiced by: Yuko Kaida
The president of the Third Student Council, which is founded by members of "Royal Dark Society". Toru was the last Handler of Kurogane who was called GD's "Sinistra", second best handler (You being the best) while her older sister Aki was the Burial Doll. She joined Tokiya's plan of destroying the Second World to create the Third World and offered herself to be the new Burial Doll of Hagane (previous Burial Doll being Kanade from First World). After Tomoharu and Kanade defeated Tokiya and Hiwako, Toru confessed that even though she knew Aki was going to die, she fought with Kurogane anyway because she believed that if Aki were to be gone, Tokiya's attention will be all hers.
Right before Toru was about to vanish, she was taken out from Hagane using Kurogane's space manipulating ability, saving her life in process. Tomoharu told Toru, choice she made is to live with Aki and Tokiya and hand her over Aki's necklace he got from First World. Toru now aids Tokiya and hope to cheer him up after he lost will to live.
(First World)
Toru is a college student in First World. When Tomoharu from Second World asks her if Tokiya from First World try to hurt someone, would she help him to achieve his goal and she replied she would because she's weak, but her sister, Aki would find the alternative and stop Tokiya from hurting someone. Despite being a skilled swordsman, she's not very confident about herself because of her sister Aki, who outdo Toru in just about anything.

First Student Council / Holy Guards

Reishiro Saeki (佐伯 玲士郎 Saeki Reishirō?)
Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo
Reishirou is the head of the First Student Council on campus. Usually, president of the Student Council is third year sutudent although he is in the second grade, he became the president since former president You was chosen as a member of GD. He is another handler of an Asura Machina. Several years earlier, in order to save Aine and Reiko, he used the Extractor to sacrifice badly injured Aine and allow her to become the Burial Doll for Hisui.
Reishirou joins final battle and helps Tomoharu out. After the final battle, he seems to be in charge of the entire student council as many of old buildings in Rakurowa high school vanished, leaving only one student council to be in charge.
(First World)
3rd year student at Rakurowa high school and also the current president of the Student Council. Saeki from First World was first seen attending school with Shuri from First World, who is also 3rd year student at Rakurowa high school and also the current vice president of the Student Council. Personality wise, there seems to be not much different between Reishirou from both First and Second World.
Aine Shizuma (志津間 哀音 Shizuma Aine?)
Voiced by: Satomi Satō
Aine is shown to have once been a living girl like Misao. She is Reiko and Reishirou's cousin. Five years ago, the ship that she, Reishirou, and Reiko took was involved in a fight between GD and Asura Cryin'.
While Aine waits on a ship for Reishirou, the ship was attacked by an Asura Cryin'. Reishirou was able to save Reiko, but Aine was horifically impaled by shrapnel from the ship. In order to save Aine from dying, Reishirou used the Extractor to sacrifice her as the Burial Doll for his Asura Machina, Hisui.
Aine now appears in ghost form in a snow flake decorated costume. When Kagakagari left everyone to die at the crashing Airplane, she sacrificed the last of her life force to save the students by creating a runway made of ice for the plane to land.
(First World)
Aine from First World is member of the Cooking Club (料理部 Ryōri-bu?)). She was first seen riding a giant tuna toy to attend the school when she crushed into Tomoharu. Tomoharu told Aine that she might not know him (in First World), but he knows her (from Second World) for a long time. Aine mistook it as confession of love.
Reiko Saeki (佐伯 玲子 Saeki Reiko?)
Voiced by: Kimiko Koyama
The younger sister of Reishirou and Class President of Tomoharu's class. She is also part of the First Student Council, but is unable to see Aine or Asura Machina as she is not directly involved with them. She has a good relationship with Aine before she became a Burial Doll, and was glad that Aine was happy being with her brother. She appears to have a crush on Tomoharu, as she blushes when he is around and wore her hair in a manner that Tomoharu complimented (although she refuses to admit this).
(First World)
Reiko from First World is also Class President of Tomoharu's class just like in Second World. When she find Tomoharu (from Second World) after his one month absent to school (Tomoharu from First World), she drags him to the school. Reiko is same person as both the First and Second World.

Second Student Council / Pilgrim Union

Rikka Kurasawa (倉澤 六夏 Kurasawa Rikka?)
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura
The president of the Second Student Council which supervises committees in the school. Rikka is the Handler of Suishou. Himezasa, the Burial Doll of Suishou, is a close friend of her. She also loves money.
Rikka joins final battle along with Shuu and Vivian to aid Tomoharu. With help of Shuu and Vivian along with Shuri and You, Rikka was able to defeat Hisui, Bismuth, and Rhodonite that was in Tokiya's control. Although she lose sight of her left eye when Toru disguise as Picasso Mask invaded GD's main force, After the final battle she seems to be not wearing eye patch anymore, meaning her left eye has been healed.
(First World)
Owner of a 'Nun Cafe'. Himezasa's younger sister works there (In the First World, Himezasa is already dead.). According to her, Rikka became a greedy miser to earn Himezasa's hospital fee.
Shuu Mahiwa (真日和 秀 Mahiwa Shū?)
Voiced by: Junji Majima
A treasurer of the Second Student Council, also manservant of Rikka. Shuu is a repeater who was a classmate of Shuri and Reishirou last year. He joins final battle along with Vivian and Rikka to aid Tomoharu. During the time Rikka temporary lose sight of her left eyes, Shuu act as her left eye, such as telling her the distance between them and enemies. After the final battle, Vivian turned into normal dog. In original light novel, Shuu betrays Rikka and join up with Tokiya's party. In Anime, Shuu remains loyal to Rikka until the very end and aids Tomoharu's party numerous times along with Rikka and his daughter Vivian.

Kantou Student Union

You Susugihara (雪原 瑶 Susugihara Yō?)
Voiced by: Sayori Ishizuka
The Handler of Shirogane, You is called "GD's Destra". Although she looks like a boy, she's actually a girl. She used to be good friends with Yukari and Shuri, but after the crash of the plane she, Yukari and Shuri were on, she sacrificed Yukari (actually soul of Shuri) to the Asura Machina.
When You next met Shuri (actually Yukari's soul in Shuri's body) she told her that the You Susugihara she knew had died in the accident. She was also the president of the First Student Council, before Reishirou. After Shirogane got destroy by Toru, she became an Ex-handler.
You along with others comes to aid Tomoharu and others during final confrontation between Tokiya and Hiwako. Toru's sword is in You possession now. You used it to immobilized Bismuth and Rhodonite with help from Reishirou who is also an Ex-handler. It is revealed during the final battle that her sword skill is amazing and she was comparable to that of Aki and Toru's ability. After the final battle, even though Asura Machina and Demon no longer exist, You still seems to be in part of GD.
Aki Kitsutaka (橘高 秋希 Kitsutaka Aki?)
Voiced by: Hiromi Hirata
Toru's sister and former Burial Doll of Kurogane. She consumed all of her life force and vanished. Aki's death was the main reason why Tokiya and Toru wanted to destroy Second World to go to the Third World, a world where Aki exist. Kurogane Kai's two-sword skill reminded Tokiya of Aki and he muses that is Aki trying to stop him.
(First World)
A graduate of the Rakurowa high school who is a skilled swordsman. She saved Tomoharu and Kanade when stray Daughter attacked Kitsutaka residence. Aki later gives Tomoharu her necklace when Tomoharu decide to go back to the Second World.
Haruna Chiyohara (千代原 はる奈 Chiyohara Haruna?)
Voiced by: Reiko Takagi
The handler of Aenka and members of GD. She uses old style of a Japanese Language. Haruna got taken out by Picasso Mask (Toru in a disguise) along with Rikka and Mahiwa and currently hospitalized. After the final battle, she seems to be healed perfectly and she is training or punishing Kyoumu for unknown reason as it was never explained.
Kyoumu Satomi (里見 恭武 Satomi Kyōmu?)
Voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita
The handler of Bismuth. After his Asura Machina is destroyed by Hiwako, Kyoumu became an Ex-handler. Kyoumu appeared during Ending Credit. He seems to be getting trained or punished by Haruna for unknown reason as it was never explained.

Tomoharu's Relative

Naotaka Natsume (夏目 直貴 Natsume Naotaka?)
Voiced by: Miyu Irino
Tomoharu's older brother who died during studying oversea. Tomoharu from First world passed himself as Naotaka. He continue to act as Naotaka until he's death, even though he revealed to Tomoharu from Second World that he is Tomoharu from First World. Naotaka's skill as a handler was overwhelming and Tomoharu got stronger just by looking at him fight.
(First World)
The head of the La Croix. Naotaka was known in First World that he was killed in the accident along with the rest of La Croix members. Naotaka and members of La Croix are actually alive, inside the Naotaka's Asura Machina Uzushio and protect the First World as much as possible by eliminating Stray Daughters who came through the gate to other worlds.
With help of Tomoharu and Kurogane Kai, and with sacrifice of Misao from First World, gate to other worlds are closed and so called inevitable destruction of the First World has been stopped. Naotaka thanks Tomoharu and uses power of his Asura Machina, Uzushio's space travel ability to send Tomoharu and others back to the Second World, thanking Tomoharu for one last time and bid him farewell.
Kazuha Sonomiya (苑宮 和葉 Sonomiya Kazuha?)
Tomoharu's stepsister. Kazuha is also haunted by a ghost named Saika (咲華?). Tomoharu does not think that she likes him, so he lives alone in Meiou-tei. Actually she likes him, but cannot speak well by feeling shy when she meets him.
Although she never appeared nor mentioned in anime, she is important character in light novel. After Tomoharu's disappearance in light novel, she was handed the Extractor from mysterious girl thought to be an older Kanade which reveals that Saika might be Burial Doll. Kazuha and Saika will carry out the mission Tomoharu and Misao failed to complete in the next Asura Machina light novel series, if there's ever be one.

Kanade's relative

President of Takatsuki-gumi (嵩月組社長 Takatsuki-gumi Shachō?)
Voiced by: Eizou Tsuda
Kanade's father. The president of large area designated demon association. In plain words, yakuza boss. He thinks Tomoharu to be suitable for Kanade's partner though he didn't think he was suitable for Kanade at first.
Being a male demon, he's forced to forget about ones he loved such as Kanade's mother, but thanks to Kanade's effort, he was able to remember his wife from looking at Kanade. It was because of Kanade's father and rest of Takatsuki-gumi, barrier Tokiya put around the Central Vortex was destroyed and Tomoharu's party could went into Central Vortex to face Tokiya's party and settle the score once and for all. After the final battle, every irregular things vanished from the world meaning Takatsuki-gumi would be just regular yakuza instead of one of four strongest demon families, as there no longer a demon but a human.
Uzumasa Shioizumi (潮泉 太秦 Shioizumi Uzumasa?)
Voiced by: Akihiko Ishizumi
Kanade's grandfather and lover of scrollwork, also the owner of the Meiou-tei. Uzumasa repairs damaged Asura Machina and he also repairs Shuri's arm and leg. Like Tomoharu from First World, Uzumasa also came to Second World from the First World. Just like Tomoharu, he came to Second World earlier time than he expected.
Uzumasa was surprised when the choice Tomoharu made was not one but two. The choice Tomoharu made was to save the First World which he succeeded. Another choice Tomoharu made was to save the Second World, which was actually his first choice from the start. Because he came from First World, he become a Demon.
After the final battle, ending credit shows vanishing light along with old record play now apparently don't play music. It is hinted that Uzumasa vanished from Second World and return to First World. If following information is true, it means all the people who came to First World from Second World were sent back to First World due to power of Igniter, which eliminated all the irregular things from the world such as Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughter.
Ritsu Shioizumi (潮泉 律都 Shioizumi Ritsu?)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa
Kanade's cousin and a college student. Ritsu made a suppository for Tomoharu when he had a fever. She helps Uzumasa repair the Asura Machina and she also helps Uzumasa repair Shuri's arms and legs. Ending credit shows that Ritsu developing a new suppository.
(First World)
Naotaka's girlfriend and the chief of "La Croix" which is the head office of the High-energy Physics Research Organization. Ritsu is the woman who Tomoharu from Second World often see in his dream and echoes of memory. She asks Tomoharu and Kanade from First World "Is that your decision?" when Tomoharu choose to become a Hagane's handler in order to save Misao and stop the destruction of the First World and She asks the same question again when Tomoharu from Second World asks "Is there a way to stop it"? just like how Tomoharu from First World asked to Ritsu from the First World. Ritsu thanks Tomoharu for one last time for saving the First World to make future between her and Naotaka possible before Tomoharu depart to Second World.


An Oohara (大原 杏 Ōhara An?)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
One of the few close friend of Tomoharu who calls Tomoharu by nickname Tomo. An did not like Tomoharu to join the Science Club as she wanted him to follow her and join another club.
It is implicated that An has a crush on Tomoharu but cannot express her true feelings to him.
(First World)
An and Tomoharu are lot closer since Tomoharu from First World joined same club as An. In First World, An express her true feeling to Tomoharu by confessing to him, ask him to go to the Christmas party, just two of them together. But after the accident at the La Croix, Tomoharu quits the club and become a handler of the Hagane in order to save Misao and the First World from the vanishing and goes to Second World, make him never replies to An's confession.
After Tomoharu from Second World comes to the First World, he was confronted by An who wants him to answer her confession before the end of the Christmas Eve. It's irony that when An asked Tomoharu about answer to her confession, She says that if she doesn't ask now, she feels that she never have chance to get answers from Tomoharu. An was right about not being able to see Tomoharu anymore because Tomoharu from First World died in Second World and Tomoharu from Second World will go back to the Second World, Tomoharu from both First and Second World won't be able to reply to her confession, because neither Tomoharu won't be exist in First World anymore. Knowing this, Tomoharu grieves from it but told An he will answer to her questions later.
After An left he told her sorry that he's not the Tomoharu she knew and the Tomoharu from First World whom she had crush on had died, and sorry that he cannot answer to An's reply to her confession. It is implied that Tomoharu from Second World had feelings for An as well, also realizing that An from Second World also like him. Before Tomoharu leaves to Second World, he replies to An's confession and An told him instead of saying sorry, he should reject her properly so Tomoharu introduced Kanade as his girlfriend. After An runs in crying, Tomoharu says this is least he can do to An, because Tomoharu from First World dead, only he can reply to An's confession.
Yukari Kurosaki (黒崎 紫浬 Kurosaki Yukari?)
Voiced by: Rie Tanaka
Younger sister of the twins, Yukari was sacrificed to be the Burial Doll of Shirogane during the plane crash when You found her barely alive while Shuri doesn't seem to be breathing. Yukari was a promising actress that was on her way to be in a movie shot in England but the plane crashed. You sacrifice Yukari in order to save her life but Yukari and Shuri make a switch of body so Yukari (actually Shuri's soul in Yukari's body) became the Burial Doll for the Shirogane.
(First World)
3rd year student at Rakurowa High School and Nia's friend. Yukari was informed of the destruction of the First World by Nia. She noticed Tomoharu from Second World wasn't the Tomoharu (from First World) she knew but Tomoharu from the Second World and cheers him up from the depression. Tomoharu noticed right away that Yukari from First World was the Shuri from the Second World he knew, making him cry and reminisce of the Shuri from Second World who's possibly been killed while trying to protect Tomoharu and others.
Hiwako Torishima (鳳島 氷羽子 Torishima Hiwako?)
Voiced by: Ao Takahashi
Tokiya's contracting demon, Nicknamed "Kori Hime(Ice Princess)" from her looks and character. Hiwako uses ice naginata named "Hyou-ou" when she fights. She became a Tokiya's contracting demon in order to find the truth about the world, from where it start and where it ends.
At the Central Vortex, Hiwako and Tokiya clashes against Tomoharu and others to settle the score once and for all. Hiwako also had different color in her eyes when she unleashes her demonic power just like Kanade but after she became the contractor of Asura Cryin', both of her eyes changes into green, same with Kanade. After Hiwako and Tokiya was defeated by Tomoharu and Kanade, Hiwako became a normal human because every irregular things from First World, such as Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughters vanished, thus ending her contract with Tokiya. Hiwako transfer to Rakurowa high school and joins Science Club, giving big smile to Takuma, which make him fall for her at first sight.
Takaya Kagakagari (加賀篝 隆也 Kagakagari Takaya?)
Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai
The main antagonist of season 1, a famous guitarist, a demon hunter, and a lingerie thief called "Lingerier of Hamelin (ハーメルンの下着男 Hāmerun no Shitagi Otoko?)". Takiya is Rhodonite's handler and Christina's contractor. He tried to set his Burial Doll free by Splitter which needed huge power and luck-eater's probability control ability to work. He later give Christina's research data to Nia when he lose both Christina and Shori. Takaya was seen on ending credit, still remaining on island grieving over Christina and Kotori's death.



First World
One of the other mentioned alternate world that the main characters used to live in. It was destroyed after the failure of the Black Hole accident which spurred the reiteration of the Second World. Frequent flashes back of the main characters from the Second World uses the First World as a basis. Tomoharu from First World failed to close gate to other worlds and chose to head over to Second World and start over. After Tomoharu from First World's death, Tomoharu from Second World arrives at First World and destroy gate to other worlds and stopped the destruction of the First World, using his new Asura Machina, Kurogane Kai and sacrifice of Misao from First World, which gave temporary power boost to Kurogane Kai, which was enough to close the gate to other worlds. First World has cut its connection between other worlds meaning travel to Second World or even Third World is impossible now. It is unknown if Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughters still exist in First World or not as it was never explained.
Second World
The setting where the story takes place, the second iteration of our world created to replace the First World that was destroyed. After Tomoharu from Second World saved First World from its inevitable Destruction, he returned to save Second World from destruction as well. Tomoharu and Kanade confronted Tokiya and Hiwako for the last time and defeated them and use Igniter to stop the destruction of the Second World, eliminating all the irregular things from First World such as Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughters to revert the world back to how it should be, creating the perfect world, a world for future Tomoharu wanted. Second World also cut its connections with other worlds meaning travel between other worlds is impossible. It is unknown at this point existence of Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughters also vanished in other worlds or still exist in other worlds such as First and Third World.
Third World
World Tokiya wanted to create by destroying the Second World. Using Hagane, Hisui, Bismuth, Rhodonite, and Asura Cryin's power, he successively made Central Vortex gone out of control to create the Third World. Tokiya left Second World to destroyed from the world's vanishing and goes into the Third World with Hiwako, but the Third World wasn't the world he dreamed of, as causality of Aki dying from that world is too great. Tokiya seek to create the "Perfect World" where no one has to lose anything and doesn't have to suffer anymore by using the Igniter, even if it means by destroying all three worlds in process of doing it. After the final battle, Third World is only world that hasn't cut its connection to travel between other worlds but travel to First and Second World is impossible as First and Second World cut its connection to other world meaning travel from these world or travel to these world is impossible. It is unknown at this point if existent of Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughters still exist in Third World or if it vanished just like Second World as it was never explained.
Science Club (科學部?)
The Science Club is set up by Natsume Naotaka. It is under the management of the Third Student Council. Current members are Tomoharu, Kanade, Takuma, Shuri, and Tokiya. According to school regulations, at least five members are needed for continuing the club. Tomoharu suggested that had Misao join the club, but Tooru rejected it. Therefore if Tokiya was removed from the school, the club would be discontinued. The current president is Tokiya Kagayaki.
Guardian Dragoon (GD) (武装生徒指導員(ガーディアンドラグーン) Gādiandoragūn?)
The strongest front-line commanders of the Kantou Student Union. Only the strongest Handlers are given the title. You Susugihara is the leader, called the Destra.
Ruins (遺跡 Iseki?)
Relics of the First World. Histories of the First World is usually rewritten and erased by Second World histories but rarely left some traces.
Widget (殺人人形(ウィジェット) wijetto?)
A mechanical doll used by the Second Student Council. It was first seen used by Mahiwa to hunt down and destroy Tomoharu. It wields an axe and tracks down and destroys a target when an order is given. It has enormous power despite its size.
Gadget (機巧偶人(ガジェット) kikō gūjin(gajetto)?)
Quasi-sensory input/output device in the shape of ugly koala. It is remotely controlled by Tokiya using his brain waves.
Superstring gravity reactor (超弦重力炉 chōgen jūryokuro?)
Officially it is the power plant which use energy obtained from manmade micro black hole, but actually it is the gate to other worlds.
Central Vortex (中央渦界域(セントラル·ボーテックス) Sentoraru bōtekkusu?)
Superstring gravity reactor that makes travel between worlds possible. Naotaka, Tomoharu from First World was making preparations to destroy it to stop the destruction of the First World. Plan failed as Naotaka got killed by Tokiya and Tomoharu from Second World eventually stops a destruction of the First World using his new Asura Machina, Kurogane Kai. After the final battle at the Central Vortex, Central Vortex from Second World seems to have vanished because existence of all the irregular thing vanished after the final battle. It is unknown if Central Vortex still exist in other worlds since it was never explained.


Demon (悪魔 Akuma?)
Humans from the Another World and their descendants, or under the influence of disorted powers from the another world. They acquired supernatural powers thanks to the influence of the distortion of the world.
The Four Demon Families
Kashima (華島?), Torishima (鳳島?), Kazatoki (風斎?), and Takatsuki (嵩月?) are known as the strongest demon families. They are also called 'Kachoufuugetsu' (花鳥風月 Kachōfūgetsu?) from their surnames.
Hizaika (非在化 hizaika?)
Demons are essentially unnatural being in the world. Therefore they grow weaker with every time they use demonic power by immunological reaction from the world, and cease to exist at last.
Contractor (契約者 (コントラクタ) keiyakusha (kontorakuta)?)
The person who sets a contract with a demon.
Daughter (使い魔 (ドウター) tsukaima (dōtā)?)
The familiar of a Contractor and a demon. It usually materalize from the feelings of a demon had for a Contractor, and it changes shape from the feelings of the Contractor to the Daughter.
Lost child (はぐれ眷属 Hagure dōtā?)
Daughter larva which is deserted by its contractor.
Vivian (ヴィヴィアン Vivian?)
Voiced by: Kenji Takahashi
Contractor: Shuu Mahiwa
Demon: Miria Kazatoki
Form: Kamaitachi
Favourite: Kahlúa, Kamaboko
Ingrid (イングリッド Inguriddo?)
Contractor: Takaya Kagakagari
Demon: Christina Fortuna
Form: Slime
Charlize (シャーリーズ Shārīzu?)
Contractor: Tokiya Kagayaki
Demon: Hiwako Torishima
Form: Phoenix
Persephone (ペルセフォネ Perusefone?)
Contractor: Tomoharu Natsume
Demon: Kanade Takatsuki
Form: Owl

Asura Machina

Asura Machina (機巧魔神(アスラ·マキーナ) kikō majin (asura makīna)?)
Machines that have a human sacrifice, known as the Burial Doll. The human that controls the machina is known as a Handler, and is often closely related to the Burial Doll. The origin of its creation is not yet known, but it is assumed that their original purpose was to serve as anti-Demon weapons. Besides being able to transfer itself from a parallel world via a Handler's shadow, every Asura Machina has a unique special ability. They are powered by the "soul energy" of the Burial Dolls. In the anime the Asura Machina were created by the Second World's Ania when she is sent to the First World in compliance with the First World Tomoharu's wish to save it and Misao. The First World's Tomoharu reveals that the Asura Machina are actually probes created with the help of demon magic sent to the Second World. The name comes from a group of power-seeking deities in Hinduism and from the Latin term meaning 'machine'. The machines are not invincible but highly durable, though in some cases, can be seriously damaged if attacked with enough force. In the anime when a Burial Doll's contract has ended the Asura Machina returns to the First World. Whether or not a Handler can have a contract with multiple Asura Machinas is unknown, but apparently different people can have contracts with the same Asura Machina at the same time as in the case of Kurogane, which was apparently first controlled by Toru then later by Tomoharu even though the story seems to imply Tomoharu's contract was made first. This could be due to Tomoharu having not been able to open the Kurogane's Extractor case himself and completing the contract until the events of the story, but it is still a mystery as to where Misao's body was while Toru was Kurogane's Handler (since she had sacrificed her sister, Aki). What the anime does make clear is that only one Handler in any world can be in control of an Asura Machina at a time as made evident by Tokiya having to end the First World Tomoharu's contract with Hagane before Tokiya could become its Handler. The true number of Asura Machina is also unclear. At one point in the anime Tomoharu finds a mountain of Extractor cases in a room in his house, which had been collected by Shuri. This would imply there are a huge number of Asura Machina available.
Burial Doll (副葬処女(べリアル·ドール) fukusō shojo (beriaru dōru)?)
Burial Dolls (fukusō shojo, lit. "burial maidens") are the human sacrifices required to operate the Asura Machina, and placed in its core. The Asura Machina will draw from this person's essence as it continues to fulfill the will of its Handler. As more of her soul is carved out this way, she will gradually lose and eventually be devoid of emotion, at which point she will be obliterated. Likewise, it is possible to kill the Burial Doll by destroying the core of the Asura Machina directly. When the Burial Doll dies, the contract between Asura Machina and Handler will end and the Handler will become an Ex-Handler.
As the kanji indicates, the Burial Dolls up to the current time in which the story takes place have all been female, even though gender and virginity restrictions have not been declared in the work itself.
In the First World, it was called 'Daughter' (供与者(ドウター) Kyōyosha(dōtā)?)
Projection Body (射影体 Shaeitai?)
The term used to the astral projection that the Burial Dolls use to enter in contact with their Handlers. Usually visible only to Handlers and individuals with supernatural abilities such as Demons, but if the Asura Machina is installed with a Stabilizer the Projection Body will be seen even by normal humans.
Handler (演操者(ハンドラー) ensousha(handorā)?)
The human user of the Asura Machina. When summoned, the Asura Machina usually appears from the Handler's shadow. Every Handler is required to say a special chant when summon their Asura Machina. In the novels it is still unknown at this point if the Handler will lose his or her life if their Asura Machina's Burial Doll expires or is destroyed. In the anime, once a Burial Doll is either killed or consumed, the Handler becomes an Ex-Handler. In Episode 20 of the anime Tokiya explains that handlers have nano-machines infused into their bodies when they make the contract which allow them to control the Asura Machina. It is unknown whether or not a Handler can have a contract with more than one Asura Machina at a time, but apparently there can be multiple contracts made with an Asura Machina at the same time, with only one person at a time being the Handler. In Episode 24 Tokiya was able to use Hagane's power to become the Handler of Hisui, Bismuth, and Rhodonite without having to sacrifice anyone else, but this could be due to Hagane's power of being the final Machina rather than an official contract. In the anime the special chant seems to be an optional requirement as Tomoharu and others have summoned their Asura Machinas without it.
Ex-Handler (元演操者 (エクス・ハンドラー) moto ensousha (ekusu handorā)?)
Handlers that have ended a contract with an Asura Machina by depleting the life energy of a Burial Doll completely. There will be a stigma (commonly known as "The cursed sinner's stigma") somewhere on their body to signify that they had a contract with Asura Machina. In the novels it is also unknown as this point if a Handler will become an Ex-Handler if his or her Asura Machina's Burial Doll is destroyed. In the anime if an Asura Machina's Burial Doll is killed or consumed, the Handler becomes an Ex-handler. In the anime Tokiya explains that once a Handler's contract is ended, the nano-machines in the Handler's body turn into an anti-magic mechanism, making them immune to all forms of magic. Thus, they are immune to attacks from Asura Machina and demons, and this also allows Ex-Handlers to become Burial Dolls.
Asura Cryin' (魔神相剋者 (アスラ·クライン) Asura Kurain?)
A person who has both a Daughter, contracting demon and an Asura Machina in his or her possession. They are considered very dangerous since they have too much power. In the anime there are only three named Asura Cryin' which are Kagakagari, Tokiya and Tomoharu. However, there have been others before the events in the anime as seen in a flashback when Toru uses Kurogane for the last time in battle with an Asura Cyrin'.
Energy circulation
Energy circulation is the power exchange between an Asura Machina and a Daughter. The energy being circulated between the two can significantly power up either the Asura Machina or the Daughter. Effects of energy circulation include the strengthening of an Asura Machina's innate magical abilities and the increasing size and regenerative abilities of the Daughter. As the Energy Circulation is used, it seems to drain strength from the demon who made the contract. Tokiya uses energy circulation to power up Hagane, Hisui, Bismuth, and Rhodonite at the same time to overwhelm the Central Vortex and create a black hole in the Second World.
Combination was revealed in final battle. Instead of exchanging power between the Asura Machina and Daughter, Asura Cyrin' calls on the full power of their contracted demon and Daughter. The Daughter will then physically merge with the Asura Machina, changing its appearance and increasing its power several times over. Like Energy Circulation, Combination appears to draw the additional power directly from the demon who made the contract. This can cause the demon to begin to vanish. This powerful form of the Asura Machina/Daughter was first used by Tokiya and Hiwako then right after used by Tomoharu and Kanade. The combination can be ended and the Asura Machina and Daughter can return to their regular forms.
Kurogane (黑鐵 Kurogane?)
Handler: Toru Kitsutaka → Tomoharu Natsume
Burial Doll: Aki Kitsutaka → Misao Minakami
Special Ability: Gravity Control
Aria: "More obscure than the darkness coming out from the abyss, that is the shadows cast by the light of science!"
A dark Asura Machina that emerged from the Extractor at the end of the first episode in a wave of shadow. It was given to Tomoharu during the the plane crash by Naotaka when Misao volunteered to be a Burial Doll to save Tomoharu. However, apparently after having made the contract Kurogane's Extractor fell into the hands of Toru, who became the first Handler of Kurogane. Kurogane's gravity control ability manifests itself as balls of dark energy, though it also has the ability to engulf its hands with energy to strengthen its physical attacks. In the anime Kurogane's gravity control is so great that it is able to overcome Rhodonite's time manipulation. In order to save the vanishing First World, Tomoharu asks Ania to use her abilities to fuse the remains of Kurogane and Shirogane in order to try and create a new Asura Machina which could be equal to Hagane, resulting the creation of the Kurogane Kai.
Kurogane Kai (黑鐵・改 Kurogane Kai?)
Special Ability: Space Control (Gravity Control + Space Manipulation)
'Kai' means 'modified'. Created in Episode 23 of the anime by Ania after Misao suggested combined the remains of Kurogane and Shirogane to create a new Asura Machina equal in power to Hagane. Kurogane Kai looks similar to Kurogane, but with parts of Shirogane on it. The first world's Ritsu comments that Kurogane-Kai's power output is even greater than Hagane's. Despite its power however, Kurogane-Kai was unable to close the gateway between the First and Second World until the First World's Misao sacrificed to power up Kurogane Kai. Kurogane Kai creates a condensed ball of gravity in its palm, then fires it through several spell rings which form a kind of barrel. Kurogane Kai showed a couple of new powers. These included being able to teleport itself, the Handler, and at least one other person a short distance away. Kurogane Kai can apparently also reach through space and time to retrieve a Burial Dull from inside its Asura Machina.
Blazing Kurogane Kai (ブレイジング黑鐵・改 Bureizingu Kurogane Kai?)
Asura Machina: Kurogane Kai
Daughter: Persephone
Special Ability: Space Control (Gravity Control + Space Manipulation), Engetsu (Flaming Sword), and Ability to Fly.
Created in the final battle when Tomoharu called on Kanade and Persephone to help him after Kanade stated her reason for fighting. Persephone attached to Kurogane Kai's back and became a pair of flaming wings. The combination also turned Kurogane Kai's armor black and the trim a fiery orange color. Kurogane Kai gained the ability to fly and use of Kanade's demonic ability, the Engetsu (Flaming Sword) as Blazing Kurogane Kai's weapon. Blazing Kurogane Kai uses two-sword style similar to Aki's two-sword style.
Hisui (翡翠 Hisui?)
Handler: Reishirou Saeki
Burial Doll: Aine Shizuma
Special Ability: Temperature drop (Ice manipulation)
Aria: "More silent than the darkness sleeping at the sea of ice, that is the shadow froze in the melody (sound) of science!"
An Asura Machina that emerges from Rerishirou's shadow at the end of the second episode. At the end of volume 7 (anime episode 13) Reishirou used the last bit of Aine's life force to save the sophomore students by creating an ice runway, thus ending the contract between him and Hisui. Hisui's ice manipulation ability is effective at immobilizing enemies and creating icy pathways. Despite its power, Hisui was easily defeated by Kurogane. In Episode 24 of the anime Tokiya uses Hagane's power to take control of Hisui. When Tokiya calls out Hisui the Asura's armor has changed from light green to a dark blue color. Whether this is because they have no Burial Dolls of their own or Tokiya's corruption is unknown. While under Tokiya's control, Hisui can apparently use energy circulation.
Shirogane (白銀 Shirogane?)
Handler: You Susugihara
Burial Doll: Yukari Kurosaki (Shuri Kurosaki in Yukari Kurosaki's body)
Special Ability: Space Manipulation
Aria: "More deep than the darkness coming out from the abyss, that is the sword that judges the illusion (image) of science!"
Shirogane's space manipulation can manipulate the space.
Shirogane later is destroyed by Toru and later used to fuse with Kurogane to create the Kurogane Kai
Suishou (翠晶 Suishō?)
Handler: Rikka Kurasawa
Burial Doll: Himezasa
Special Ability: Liquify objects
Aria: "More shaving than the darkness coming out from ice crystals, that is the shade dissolved by the tears of science!"
Suishou power allows it to dissolve the bonds of matter, giving solid matter the properties of a liquid, allowing other solid things to pass through it, without allowing it to change shape. This in the last episode of the first season when Rikka uses Suishou's power to liquefy the side of the plane in order for Reishirou and Shuri to jump out to the plane. Suishou's power apparently does not allow permeation by gases though since the plane would've started to decompress. Suishou can also fire daggers of energy which dissolve the enemy as they pass through it.
Rhodonite (薔薇輝 Rōdonaito?)
Handler: Takaya Kagakagari
Burial Doll: Kotori Arayashiki
Special Ability: Time manipulation
Aria: "More eternal than the darkness awakening from faraway, that is the time bound by the chain of science!"
Rhodonite can launch seemingly endless chains from its wrists. Each chain has a spiked point on its end which can stab through an opponent. Rhodonite's chains can also be used to wrap around multiple opponents, binding them physically. When Rhodonite's opponents are wrapped up in its chains, it can stop their time. Even things that are moving will stop while under Rhodonite's influence as seen where a glass which was spilled on the plane which Kagakagari had trapped was still hanging in mid-air. Kagakagari laments that the only person who is not affected by Rhodonite's chains is himself. (Although Kagakagari might be inferring to regular people, since he seems aware that Ex-Handlers are not affected by Asuras' powers). Rhodonite's physical strength is also heightened when utilizing energy circulation with Ingrid. In Episode 24 of the anime Tokiya uses Hagane's power to take control of Rhodonite. When Tokiya calls out Rhodonite the Asura's armor has changed from red to a greenish color. Whether this is because they have no Burial Dolls of their own or Tokiya's corruption is unknown. While under Tokiya's control, Rhodonite can apparently use energy circulation.
Aenka (亜鉛華 Aenka?)
Handler: Haruna Chiyohara
Burial Doll: Unknown
Special Ability: Explosions
Aenka's ability involves the wrapping of thin, explosive red threads around the target which will explode when cut.
Bismuth (蒼鉛 Bisumasu?)
Handler: Kyoumu Satomi
Burial Doll: Unknown
Special Ability: Neutralize magical power
Bismuth can control carbides thanks to Plug-in 'Distributor'. Bismuth has a lance which spins rapidly to neutralize any magic power. The only flaw which Bismuth has is that its lance has to spin in order to neutralize magic power, if not, it is useless, though it can be used as an offensive weapon. When Tokiya calls out Bismuth the Asura's armor has changed from a light blue to a dark purple color. Whether this is because they have no Burial Dolls of their own or Tokiya's corruption is unknown. While under Tokiya's control, Bismuth can apparently use energy circulation.
Hagane ( Hagane?)
Handler: Tomoharu Natsume (First World) → Tokiya Kagayaki
Burial Doll: Kanade Takatsuki (First World) → Toru Kitsutaka
Special Ability: Space Control (Gravity Control + Space Manipulation)
Aria: "More deep than the darkness coming out from the forge, that is the metal sphere forged by the hammer of science"
According to Naotaka, Tomoharu from the First World, Hangane is the latest creation of the Asura Machina. It is the strongest Asura Machina until the creation of Kurogane-Kai. Hagane's attacks are manifested as red spheres of energy surrounded by black electricity. Hagane also has a blade similar to Shirogane's which can be used as an offensive weapon. While utilizing energy circulation, Hagane's magic power is amplified to the point where it can distort space and open a dimension to another world, though the portal is unstable and uncontrollable. Hagane's power also allows handler to have control over other Asura Machina since Tokiya uses Hagane and energy circulation to take control of Hisui, Bismuth and Rhodonite without having to sacrifice three people.
Blizzard Hagane (ブリザード鋼 Burizado Hagane?)
Asura Machina: Hagane
Daughter: Charlize
Special Ability: Space Control (Gravity Control + Space Manipulation), Ice Control, Ability to Fly
The first Combined Asura Machina and Daughter, Tokiya called forth Blizzard Hagane in order to defeat Tomoharu once and for all. Charlize attached to Hagane's back and became a pair of icy wings and some icy armor. The combination also turned Hagane's armor black and the trim an icy blue color. This new version of Hagane gained the ability to fly and complete control over ice. Hagane's attacks were icy-blue energy spheres surrounded by black electricity. Hagane also had the ability to freeze object upon grasping them.
Handler: Naotaka Natsume
Special Ability: Space Travel
Uzushio is a spaceship which resides in the dimensional void between worlds. However, if can also transform to large, albeit, very ship-like robot. It can only be accessed by traveling into the dimensional void via an infinitely long, winding stair case in the first world. Uzushio also serves as a mobile base and hangar to which all the other Asura Machina return to in order to be repaired by the First World's Naotaka. Uzushio is much bigger on the inside than outside through the use of dimensional distortion. Uzushio also houses the remains of the Burial Dolls who have apparently had their souls consumed, though it is unknown if any of the killed Burial Dolls are sent there. Uzushio's true power is revealed to be space travel. Naotaka claims that he has used its power to travel to many worlds in order to save his own. Naotaka uses Uzushio's power one last time to send Tomoharu, Misao, Ania and Tatatsuki along with the First World's Meiou-tei back to their world before the gate between the First and Second World closes. When Uzushio uses its power, a pair of glowing wings appear on its back and a magical circle surrounds the objects or persons it is about to transport.
Castas Machina (機巧護衛機(カスタス・マキーナ) kikō goeiki (kasutasu makīna)?)
Autonomous Machina used for guarding the ruins. It is seen guarding the Ruins of la Croix but do not attack unless provoked. Ritsu Shioizumi was seen sending one for patrol after the destruction of the First World.
Stabilizer (安定装置(スタビライザ) antei sōchi (sutabiraiza)?)
It reinforces the connection between the Burial Doll and her handler. It enables the Burial Doll's Projection Body to be seen by anyone. After Kurogane absored Stabilizer, Misao could be seen by everyone excluding Ex-Handlers.
Igniter (点火装置(イグナイター) tenka sōchi (igunaitā)?)
Power booster usable only by an Asura Cryin'. Allows for control of causality, meaning that a person using it can choose how any action or event will play out. Hence, action & consequence is both controlled by the handler. Kagayaki Tokiya stole the igniter to aid his creation of a third-world. However, it was taken back Nia, who later entrusted it to Tomoharu, when Tokiya's Hagane created an unstable black hole and later given to Tomoharu by Naotaka. During the final battle between Tomoharu's party and Tokiya's party, Tokiya manage to snatch Igniter from Tomoharu's party once again. After Tomoharu and Kanade defeat Tokiya and Hiwako, Tomoharu regain control of Igniter to stop the destruction of Second World, eliminating all the irregular things from world such as Asura Machina, Demon, and Daughter in the process. Former Demon has been turned into regular humans and former Daughter has been turned into animals. After the final battle, Igniter has been vanished from Second World and it was seen on the ending credit wondering around space, possibly heading to another world.
Burial Doll Splitter (副葬処女分離器(ベリアル・ドール・スプリッタ) fukusō shojo bunriki (beriaru dōru supuritta)?)
It is used to separate the Burial Doll from the Asura Machina. Although unconfirmed, Shirogane's blade is able to separate a Burial Doll from its Asura Machina, though it is dangerous unless the Burial Doll is an Ex-Handler due to the presence of nano-machines. A huge amount of power and the assistance of a luck-eater's (Christina) probability control ability is needed for it to work. Kagakagari wanted to use the Splitter to separate Kotori Arayashiki from the Asura Machina, at the expense of his contracted demon's life. In the anime Tomoharu's group is able to stop Kagakagari from carrying out his plan and the Burial Doll Splitter is destroyed in the process.
An Extractor is a large, silver case with a single handle which is first given to Tomoharu by Shuri. Each case is in fact the "avatar" of a certain Asura Machina in that particular world and in order to make a complete contract with an Asura Machina, a person needs to open the Extractor of that Machina. From Episode 20 of the anime it can be assumed that the Extractor contains the nano-machines which link the Handler with that particular Asura. The case has no visible opening and can only be opened by a person's will to make a contract with the Machina. When the Extractor opens it sends out a black shadowy cloud, known as the Darkness of Schwarzwald, which engulfs the sacrificed Burial Doll and send her into the Asura Machina. All of the Extractor cases appear to be identical but for some reason people manage to know which Extractor has which Asura Machina and it was never explained in both Anime and Light Novel how people were able to find out which Extractor holds which Asura Machina.



The anime first premiered on April 2, 2009. The opening theme used is "Spiral" by Angela, and the ending theme is "Link", also by Angela. The single for the two songs was released on May 13, 2009. A second season aired on October 1, 2009. The opening theme of the second season is "Alternative" by Angela, the ending theme is "Kanata no delight" by Angela.


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