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Yoshitoo Asari (real name: Yoshitoo Asari, November 20, 1962) is a Japanese manga artist. He is from Kamisunagawa-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido. His masterpieces include "Space Family Carlvinson," "Wachman," and "Manga Science."

With soft, thick and warm lines, he draws a world based on poisonous laughter and science fiction. He specializes in drawing beautiful girls and simple but tasty mechas. It made its debut during the otaku boom and gained popularity. After that, she expands her style. She is currently working on illustrations for the Aoitori Bunko f series.

He participated in the production of the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" with the design of the Third Apostle Sachiel, and has demonstrated a high sense of design in fields other than manga.


Yoshitoo Asari as working medias

Born in Kamisunagawa-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido. He spent most of his childhood in Bibai, and until the fourth grade of elementary school he attended Bibai City Numahigashi Elementary School, which is famous for its circular school building. He started drawing manga in earnest after entering high school. After graduating from Hokkaido Takikawa High School, he became a manga artist after working as a secretary of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.

In 1981, he made his debut with "July Star Picket Line" ("Weekly Shonen Sunday") under the name of Yoshitoo Asari. After publishing several short stories in magazines such as "Lemon People" (Amatria) and "Space Ship" (Hobby Japan), in 1984 "Petit Apple Pie" (Tokuma Shoten) "Original Space Family Carlvinson" The following year, "Monthly Shonen Captain" (Tokuma Shoten) started serializing "Space Family Carlvinson".

He has a skinhead and a beard, similar to thrash metal band Slayer guitarist Kerry King.

He is a member of the Space Authors Club and loves rockets like no other. He participates in "Passport to Space His Rocket Launch Diary 1999-2001" with author Yuichi Sasamoto and others. He also appeared in the Loft Plus One event "Rocket Festival".

Developed a small liquid fuel rocket for launching a microsatellite under the name "Natsu Rocket Group" based on his self-made "Natsu Rocket" (later to "SNS Co., Ltd."). He won the 45th Seiun Award (non-fiction category) and the 2014 Science Journalist Award for "DIY a liquid fuel rocket to go to space-a real record rocket group".

He is also active as a critic of movies, anime, and NES software. Illustrations of his novels include Seido Fujii's "Shinachiku to the Dead" and Hiroshi Tominaga's "My feet have eels".

In "Neon Genesis Evangelion", in addition to being involved as a production side, in collaboration with SF magazine editor and Trekkie Yasushi Kishikawa, he launched the "EVANGELION Complementary Committee" and published a parody 4-frame manga collection. I also had a good relationship. However, he criticized Evangelion's last, saying that it was not a work.

Since the February 1988 issue, he has participated in the OVA cross-review review of "Animage" (Tokuma Shoten), and has made dry comments based on the masterpieces of the golden age of movies in the 1950s and 1960s.