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Arts Vision Incorporated (株式会社アーツビジョン Kabushiki-gaisha Ātsu Bijon) is a Japanese talent agency that employs a large number of high-profile seiyū voice actors. It was founded in 1984 by Sakumi Matsuda.

General information

Arts Vision was founded by former Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society manager Sakumi Matsuda as an independent corporation in 1984.

The studio became famous in the 1990s during a boom time in the popularity of seiyū, or voice-over acting. At its peak, the studio employed many of Japan's most popular voice actors, who became known as "Seiyū Idols." In 1997, however, many of those popular young performers moved to I'm Enterprise, a subsidiary agency also managed by Matsuda. Since that time few new performers have joined Arts Vision.

In 2003 Chihiro Suzuki and Masumi Asano moved from I'm Enterprise to Arts Vision, but in subsequent years the trend has been in the opposite direction, with artists such as Yukari Tamura and Natsuko Kuwatani moving from Arts Vision to I'm Enterprise.

Seiyū currently affiliated with Arts Vision

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