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Art Square Group, formerly Art Square Creation also known as GempakStarz, is a publishing company that publishes Malaysia's local and imported comics magazines and entertainment/lifestyle magazines, as well as their own comic artists' graphic novels and translations of overseas graphic novels for the Malaysian market.


Currently they publish eight semi-monthly magazines.

  • Gempak
  • Utopia
  • Comic King
  • Hype!
  • Starz
  • Star Talk
  • Little Monitor
  • Elemen
  • Popcorn (magazine)

Comic Artists

  • Zuan
  • Michael Chuah
  • Clay
  • Kaoru (comic artist)
  • Keith
  • Oga
  • Puppeteer
  • Stanley G
  • Taufan
  • Zint
  • Xanseviera
  • Etc.

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